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    Just getting into munda

    i highly recommend the community edition rulebook because it is awesome!
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    Sump cattle?

    LOL i wouldnt survive in the underhive either but not because of the food...
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    Is this a good List?

    I am buying my riekland stuff and wondering if something along the lines of 6 marksman with bows 1 leader with sword and shield 2 champions with spears 2 youngbloods with swords and shields.(i think that works points wise) Is that any good?
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    mordhiem noob

    Thanks that helps alot!
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    mordhiem noob

    Hi guys! i have looked around and mordhiem looks cool. do you have any begginer advice on what warbands to play/stay away from and anything you can think that would help Thanks!
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    Necromunda Weapon Ideas?

    One handed close combat weapons are chain. and pistol for me is shotgun
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    Necromunda Place your bets on Yakamble!

    AWESOME I WILL BE RICH!!!!!!!!!!! dont you need to post something like, "if you have a gambling problem call 1800-Blahblahblha-blahblah"
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    Necromunda Place your bets on Yakamble!

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    Making armor worth it?

    I think the problem with armour is its to expensive
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    Making armor worth it?

    armor is usually not a good investment. if it Gave +1 toughness And the armor save it would still be Meh but considerable
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    First Attempt at a Squat Miner Gang

    maybe take lasguns instead of autoguns becasue 2+ AMMO ROLL
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    (Yet another) Enforcer Rewrite...

    i wasnt suggesting taking out the dogs but i think there shouldnt be a limp because the enfrocers would cease to use a weak dog. maybe just change the chart a tiny bit.
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    My escher list. advice!

    Hello! i am starting a escher gang and i would like to ask people what they think of my list!. my list is as follows... Leader-plasma pistol, knife, chain sword. heavy-plasma gun, knife, lasgun heavy-, plasma gun, knife, auto pistol. ganger-knife, sword, plasma pistol ganger-knife, sword, plasma...
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    (Yet another) Enforcer Rewrite...

    also why would anyone ever take rubber bullets in an auto pistol?
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    (Yet another) Enforcer Rewrite...

    also for the attack dog. they are not hard to come by for the enforcers so if one suffered a limp they would put it down and get a new one.