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    Necromunda Bolter and shotguns modeling for goliaths.

    Bottom right of this eBay link is what I am using for my Goliath bolters It has the right looking front end and a drum mag which ties it into my auto pistols with drum mags as well
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    Finish Your Stuff Challenge 2019

    Ooh, where’s the coffin carrier from?
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    Mordheim Radu plays with swords and sorcery

    Got her magnetised :) waiting for basing bits now
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    Finish Your Stuff Challenge 2019

    Got a bounty hunter done
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    time to stop flirting with the idea of necromunda and just do it already!

    My prize for winning the THUNDERCUBE! 2019 is now done, yak man bounty hunter from @KungFuPanda Also got some time in on my genestealer magus, no conversions of anything as I have magnetised her to be a vampiric necromancers apprentice
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    WIP from the sump

    Vrooooooom! That is all I can say :)
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    Mordheim Radu plays with swords and sorcery

    I've had a hankering for a vampire apprentice for a while now and when the genestealer cult magus came out I was a bit strapped for cash, spent the last of my birthday cash on her and some extras to vampire her up a bit. She will be magnetised to turn back into a magus for necromunda/40k etc...
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    time to stop flirting with the idea of necromunda and just do it already!

    That’s a wight King with the cloak reversed, a necromancers head, skaven arms and gun and a load of skulls from some orc banners with a few blobs of greenstuff here and there
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    The Grim Dark North East (UK)

    Why do you have to live so far away? :( I’ve just picked up the bits for my necromancers apprentice
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    time to stop flirting with the idea of necromunda and just do it already!

    So still waiting on my monkey, along with the bolter and chainsword's sludge city challenge has made me dig out some unfinished conversions, Ivan Vankjo with two flails Started work on the head/hair And now Djanjo the scummer will have a plasma pistol and auto pistol as per the old muscle...
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    FYSC FALL 2019

    That’s crazy talk @Stoof !
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    FYSC FALL 2019

    I’m in, with no secret army of space police in the way I should get some stuff done in a more orderly fashion
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    Necromunda Captain's Log

    I second the demand for a supplemental captains log :) Jeebus that's a lot of suspicious looking guardsmen, where/what's the comp they are for?
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    NCE Clockworks Ashwastes Nomads

    I went for desert colours as well, I am possibly going to use bright colours on heads and mounts but the rest will be desert camo due to using them in my imperial guard army as well
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    Necromunda SW1's Necromunda

    You mean "not melted anything yet!" :) Looks like you are in the hobby zone at the minute with lots of updates, looking forward to seeing more of the board as it progresses
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    Necromunda Shriken's Necromunda & more (conversion and paint)

    He looks really cool, he reminds me of one of my many unfinished projects, thanks for the memory jog :) Really liking the build up of primarch shriken's fluff, what's next in store there?
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    The Duke's "Palace"

    I think I have about 30 free company painted up in the glorious red and white of talabheim? a giant, a cannon and 1 or 2 mortars? And possibly some pistoleros painted up, maybe even a fire wizard lord on a horse from a tale of multiple gamers on the old eternity gate forum, quite some years back...
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    time to stop flirting with the idea of necromunda and just do it already!

    A powder monkey from an old warhammer kit, I ordered one from ebay but despite it being posted quite some time ago it has yet to arrive
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    Get your Guard out for the lads!

    The start of a vet squad with shotguns and melta?