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  1. Malo

    Bug Guild creation not working

    It's a terrible error message and I'm having trouble finding the phrasing for it so I can change it. The issue is the thread id, you've entered some letters in that field. The thread id is the numeric identifier for a forum thread dedicated to your Guild discussion. Setting the ID links the...
  2. Malo

    Yakhammer 40k AKA Yakhammer in SPAAACE!! AKA SUMPHAMMER!! (2nd Edition Discussion)

    Link to it here? Sure. Upload to the Vault and host it here? No, sorry.
  3. Malo

    Bug Help with guild invite

    Just FYI, with a renewal and update of the plugin used for Guilds, all regular members can now join unlimited Guilds.
  4. Malo

    Bug Accepting Campaign Invites?

    Can you link the gang where it's showing the invite alert? I may have an issue where the invite is sent but the campaign admin then adds you herself after being part of a Guild. I assume you've tried accepting anyway?
  5. Malo

    Necromunda Unable to join a guild

    Looking at the database, the alert seemed to have generated for @Petitioner's City, initiated by @Genghis Calm for the initial invite. Which is backwards? I'll do some testing again and see what is going screwy. Thanks @cardyfreak !
  6. Malo

    Yakday 2020! (Worldwide Painting Event)

    An amazing turnout of folks for the 10th birthday worldwide painting event! A big thanks to @CaptainDangerous and everyone else involved in bringing you this cool event for this weekend in the midst of the craziness of our world at the moment. For all participants listed above, you should...
  7. Malo

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    My plan was to get the necessary admin additions in place that is required to support the new gang types, but also required to re-assign all equipment for all existing gangs as well. Once that is in place, I'll be able to work on the new gangs. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time lately...
  8. Malo

    Surviving Covid-19 - Yak Support Network!

    Today our Governor announced our schools will be closed indefinitely and the stay-at-home order is now extended a month until April 30. Now to somehow keep the kids occupied during the day with the minimal amount of school stuff they're providing, almost no friends allowed to visit or play and...
  9. Malo

    Bug Smoke grenades wrongly listed as 'Blast (3")' in gang builder.

    Who dares summon me?? I was taking a bath! *grumble* I've changed Smoke to Blast (*) which also means the new trait Blast (*) is now available in Custom
  10. Malo

    Necromunda Fighter cost differs on cards and sheet

    If you ever have an inconsistency with cost, make sure you're logged in and go to the ganger page for the fighter in question. It should update the cost. It's showing 75 for me everywhere.
  11. Malo

    Bug Costs don't add upp for Escher Juve

    @phumpeti this should now be resolved, however any existing loadouts will need to be recreated to be correct pricing. Please see my note above regarding all your fighters having loadouts though.
  12. Malo

    Bug Costs don't add upp for Escher Juve

    ah ok, it's a loadout issue when calculating the cost. I'll take a look. FYI you don't really need to make a loadout if they don't have more than 1 set of equipment. Plus, Gangers and Juves aren't allowed to make loadouts (Equipment Sets) anyway.
  13. Malo

    N18 House of Blades (General discussion)

    I would have thought some kind of super-drugged crazy Escher would have made more sense than... undead?
  14. Malo

    Bug Costs don't add upp for Escher Juve

    I just created a Juve with 2 Stub Guns and it was 30 as expected. And showing as 30 in the gang editor and both printouts? Can you link a gang or something showing 25 cost? Stubby the Juve
  15. Malo

    What's on your mind?

    Timestamps on my original files were reset when moved to my NAS long ago so the only closest thing I can think of is my original announcement post on Warseer. Which was April 2010? Holy shit we're 10 next month?
  16. Malo

    Necromunda Miniwargaming Necromunda Narrative Campaign

    Makes me want to run a small narrative campaign again myself.
  17. Malo

    Necromunda Test Tournament

    Malo created a new tournament: Test Tournament Test Click here for more details...
  18. Malo

    Necromunda Miniwargaming Necromunda Narrative Campaign

    Miniwargaming is at it again with another Necromunda campaign, but this time it's a special narrative version! And as YakTribe is a great source of Necromunda info, community and the gang management tools, they've also sponsored us to let you know all about it. See Episode 1 here free, and join...
  19. Malo

    Necromunda Necromunda Computer game announced

    Damn that's a lot of hours
  20. Malo

    Update Underhive Tools Development

    Yep with the cost editing now available, manual stat changes of the baseline and either of your ideas you can achieve the gene-smithing. Bionics are actually a closer example and in the tools the Bionics have the ability to adjust the stats so when I implement gene-smithing, it will likely be a...