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  1. Gdolkin

    Necromunda Slave to the Necro WIP

    I second that remark, look at that highlighting on the face.. (y)
  2. Gdolkin

    Necromunda A new hobby blog (mostly Necromunda at the moment)

    It is indeed sweet and nice that you painted your wood-men in the woods, bravo sir
  3. Gdolkin

    N17 In the sumps of Bartertown

    Holy shit dude you win all competions anywhere ever with these little beauties
  4. Gdolkin

    New models incoming

    Or perhaps some Wu-Kang Clan Venators..:sneaky:
  5. Gdolkin

    Update on my chemical mixing plant

    Awesome. Didn't realise how big it was til that last shot o_O
  6. Gdolkin

    New models incoming

    @Ben_S Those are old models from the 00's re-released
  7. Gdolkin

    N17 Goliath Gang WIP Log

    If this was 2017, and I saw that last picture presented as the official GW reveal of the new Goliath models, I would have had no cause to question it. Amazing work.
  8. Gdolkin

    New models incoming

    You know how it is with burning heretics, you can never stop at one ;)
  9. Gdolkin

    The Cult of Void Prayers and other Necromunda denizens (image heavy)

    Awesome thematic and imaginative kitbashes dude, keep 'em coming (y) My favourite is the Kharadron with Gloomspite helmet (correct?) for the Bone Scrivener, genius :D
  10. Gdolkin

    Necromunda A new hobby blog (mostly Necromunda at the moment)

    Ah fair enough, I've used articial moss/lichen stuff from a model train shop and GW grass tufts, didn't realise you had actual moss there.. Roll on you crazy diamond
  11. Gdolkin

    Necromunda A new hobby blog (mostly Necromunda at the moment)

    That all looks and sounds marvellously creepy and wicked, but I have to ask, what on earth are you doing sticking your clumps of moss to your models at this stage and spraying them white? Am I missing or misunderstanding something?
  12. Gdolkin

    Necromunda My Miscellaneary

    I've used the Gellerpox head that looks like a laughing Necron with a mohawk as a headswap for the Noise Marine, transferring the NM's glorious mane to the robot skull in place of the basic mohawk, which is nice.
  13. Gdolkin

    Gdolkin's Hive and Gangs

    Thanks very much guys :) @Sobek + sump dweller, yeah it looks a bit odd, but it's a trophy/keepsake pinned to his coat innit, couldn't be bothered to try and remove it and make good.. I'm more troubled by his tiny wee head to be honest ;) @spafe, yep, the old-school cowboy pimp gangster Delaque...
  14. Gdolkin

    Cheers for all the Likeys comrade (y)

    Cheers for all the Likeys comrade (y)
  15. Gdolkin

    Gdolkin's Hive and Gangs

    How about this guy?
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