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  1. ten_kage

    N18 No champs in a gang.. viable?

    if you are playing a one shot event, maybe will be viable, but in a campaign you are gonna be outclassed shortly
  2. ten_kage

    N18 Dominion - How to issue challenges?

    In my campaign we are ruffling a "challange order" at the beginning of each cycle. It is completely random and I have seen no mayor complains between my fellow player. Each player can issue one challange per cycle, nominating his challanged player and the territory they are fighting over. A...
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    N18 Campaign Escher

    My Escher Campaing is coming to a close after roughly 12 games. I have started with a champion with plasmagun and another with plasma pistol and stiletto sword. The rest was pretty similar to your layout. The best possible skill for both a shooty champion and a melee one is Spring up, no doubt...
  4. ten_kage

    N18 Unstable and no ammo

    We ruled that you check for ammo even for the melee weapon, like you will do for the laser cutter... no idea about grenades, I did not think they where elegible as they are "tecnically" wargear
  5. ten_kage

    N18 Make Bottling Great Again

    I have done a small chart: The second and third column shows the thresold to start the bottle test with the new rle proposed. The column to the right shows the minimum number of casualty needed to Fail the test with the rules as they are now. The original rules get bonkers once we pass 10...
  6. ten_kage

    N18 Familiars, rapid fire and pinnin

    On the issue of hits being allocated on the beneficiary of OoF ("witch" from now on) as a result of a rapid fire weapon targeting and hitting a second target (that could be, by the way, the familiar granting the ability) I would say that the rule do not apply. There is no hit roll against the...
  7. ten_kage

    N18 Make Bottling Great Again

    I proposed this change to my croup, that reacted in a far from enthusiastic manner. Especially the chaos cult player, whos leader has an infamous 6+ LD value and was basing his strategy on the "strenght in numbers" trough all the campaign. It is true that both Escher and Chaos has exploited...
  8. ten_kage

    N18 Make Bottling Great Again

    I have found the same issue in my gaming group and I consider your solution to be elegant and smart. I will adopt it for my next campaign for sure
  9. ten_kage

    N18 Cawdor list: Knights needing feedback!

    Make good use of the cards and try to put everyone on fire XD That has been my experience so far
  10. ten_kage

    N18 Cawdor list: Knights needing feedback!

    I love the concept and the names! As per effectiveness, it greatly depend of the enviroment. The two principal factor are: do your group tend to min-max ore not? and do you play 2d or 3d? In a 3d board your long rifle become more valuable, but your blunderbusses and chainglavie less so and...
  11. ten_kage

    N18 My problem with Stand-off / Tunnel Skirmish

    in tunnel skirmish I am quite sure that the models that flee the battlefield count as they have been taken OOA for points. Infact, the whole point thing is quite useless unless one gang outnumber the other by a lot
  12. ten_kage

    N17 Questions about trading posts

    going by memory: 1) you can hire new gangers, champions and juve even if you do not visit the trading post 2)no, juves cannot visit the trading post
  13. ten_kage

    N17 Please rate my starting Goliath loadout

    Hi Craig, I think you chose to have only one champion to have enough bodies without renouncing to the nice toys. Let me know how that work out for you. The idea is interesting and I think it might work well, especially if you play zone mortalis only. What I do not like is the bulging bicep on...
  14. ten_kage

    N18 'Inducements' question

    Adding a New player to an ongoing campaign is really complicated. Is it a Turf War or a Dominion? Just today I met with a player who wants to join our campaign. We are now in the exact middle of a Dominion Campaign. Our group decided to let him build a new gang with extra credit so that is equal...
  15. ten_kage

    N18 'Inducements' question

    I see... One thing you have to remember when working out an inducement system is that those are ment to give a "fighting chanche" to the underdog, not to level the playground. If a player is the underdog for 1000 creds or more (the 10 cards you are referring to) he probably have done something...
  16. ten_kage

    N18 'Inducements' question

    Why you do not use cards? I was skeptical, but they actually do work quite nice as inducements. We were also cooking a house rule to trade hivescum or bountyhunters for cards, but we never really tried it
  17. ten_kage

    N18 Minimum number of tactic cards?

    In our group we are sticking to the 8 size minimum. For Flavour reason some of the players are freely chosing to play only with the cards coming in their themed deck (the Goliath and the Cawdor, to be precise).
  18. ten_kage

    N18 Specialist weapons for existing gangers?

    Is it really such a problem? We are now in the middle of our second campaign and nobody has ever had enough cash to buy more than a couple of special weapons in the whole gang. A good portion of the cash goes to replacyng dead or crippled ganger and or buying wargear/hangerons/brutes/cool...
  19. ten_kage

    N18 cybernetic question

    As they are now, cybernetics only allow to compensate for an injury, they do not boost the profile of the mini. This will surely change in future supplements
  20. ten_kage

    N18 Specialist weapons for existing gangers?

    The wording is ambigous, I can see where the doubt come from. My personal interpretation is that there is a limit of one special weapon on the gangers at the creation of the gang and this limitation is then lifted after game one, similar to what appens with juve 20 credits limit. Edit due to...