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  1. Basileus

    Necromunda Pre-Delaque/GW5/Compendium Release Ramblings

    Blown away by these miniatures, I adore them! Love the design and the paintjob <3
  2. Basileus

    Recommended Internet Sellers!

    German webshop has ridiculous great prices and is fast with sending as well. Highly recommended.
  3. Basileus

    Bas' looking for X thread (Mostly Orks)

    Hi I'm looking for the following miniatures. Would be cool if some of you folks could help me find and get them (from non-scalpers) :) Ork Flash Git with Targeting Squig Ork Pilot Ork Big Mek The Red Gobbo Ammo Runts Grotz Sly Marbo Great Unclean One's Nurgling
  4. Basileus

    Inquisimunda. V.2 0r V.3?

    I would have thought @alphonse 's N17 Inquisimunda would be the way to go?
  5. Basileus

    The Great Bits trade topic

    Currently looking for the Great Unclean One's Champion Nurgling, no. 5 on the pic below. Anyone willing to sell or maybe swap for some other bitz? (If I have bitz to share, of course.) In fact all Nurglings are welcome :LOL:
  6. Basileus

    All card images

    Just a status quo update: The english version cards are complete on the Warhammer Underworlds site, the german version cards however still aren't. Shame that GW's web team is so inconsequent at keeping that site up to date.
  7. Basileus

    N17 Inquisimunda - Species

    I'm sorry for not contributing to the cause but I really wanted to give some shoutouts to the great work! Keep it up, please :notworthy:(y)
  8. Basileus

    All card images

    Unfortunately this doesn't work with all cards: one is labelled only "301_ENG.png", while another one is labelled "308_ENG-Anticipation.png" for example.
  9. Basileus

    N17 Genestealer Cult Gang - White Dwarf

    Already started writing down the leaked photo into a more easy to view pdf format :D
  10. Basileus

    N17 Orlocks, Gang War 2

    All those news regarding guilds, gangs, animals, settings etc.: AWESOME! :LOL::LOL::LOL: All these pictures here, WOW! I feel great vibes from this, GW *
  11. Basileus

    N17 Orlocks, Gang War 2

    Squat Bounty Hunter!
  12. Basileus

    All card images

    Just downloaded all images again: 197 both german and english versions now. Had to remove some doubles, they seem to have edited some file names during the past week ("Umlaute" etc.) Unfortunately no new cards hidden in the assets folder yet :D
  13. Basileus

    Ready-built decks from Core Set

    Oh, and there also seems to be a non-GW database:
  14. Basileus

    All card images

    No need for an extension, isn't it? I just saved each page – Output are HTML files with asset folders. An in that folder are all cards in high res then :LOL: Strangely though I got 196 english cards and 197 german ones. Hm... Need to check again later.
  15. Basileus

    Ready-built decks from Core Set

    There are a bunch of ready-built decks now available at Including the mentioned starting decks from the core game.
  16. Basileus

    Tribe Member in Berlin (GER)?

    'aight, what the Captain said. I'm located in North Berlin and currently playing mostly Shadespire - But also building a NCE Enforcer 'gang' at the moment :coffee: Just drop me a PM here or via Instagram. I'm no 'mathammer' crack or power gamer, I just like having a decent time.
  17. Basileus

    Ready-built decks from Core Set

    Well I already did love this! :D After unpacking all cards and putting them into sleeves I needed this information, hehe.
  18. Basileus

    Mordheim Resources

    And then there's also still one of the first PDF collections (I guess) at Google Drive:
  19. Basileus

    Ork Botz for Gorkamorka

    Thanks, I give that a shot :) Also found a scenario called "Hunt Da Dread" from WD. Actually, I'm not THAT keen on starting to play Gorkamorka. But some botz ideas came to my mind when thinking of a possible self-written scenario for NCE or N17: "Get the Gonk" :D Edit: About that Necromunda...
  20. Basileus

    N17 Tunnels anyone?

    Whoops, this was more about actual terrain building? Sorry :D A layer cake kind of terrain type would be interesting. Stacking terrain types on top of another. But that'll be totally not useful when moving to the inner parts of the "cake". I could see that working really well. Reminds of...