1. WeRT!

    ORB Necromunda 1995 - Templates and Blast Markers (A4 print) 1.0

    Hey. This time recreated items: - Blast Marker 1" - Blast Marker 1.5" - Blast Marker 2" - Hand Flamer template - Flamer template. In two version - with text and without (2nd page). Base on the best scan I was able to find + Photoshop AI for removing French text - and some color / contrast...
  2. kelliegator

    N18 Starting a Van Saar gang in 1995/2003 Necromunda

    Hello, I know a guy with the 2003 edition of Necromunda that I plan on playing with. I'm less familiar with old-school Necromunda but I've read the 1995 rulebook and I've skimmed through the gang creation part of the 2003 rulebook. I dunno if this information is relevant but I don't have the...