40k scenery

  1. IMG_20191011_191214.jpg


    Voila: the result of your hard (2 minutes) work
  2. IMG_20191011_191257.jpg


    Put goldfoil on inside Forgeshrine
  3. IMG_20191011_191336.jpg


    Saw mantle of fake candle
  4. IMG_20191011_191402.jpg


    Forgeshrine and fake candle part 1
  5. undertaker

    Colour Printed Laser Cut MDF Terrain

    Browsing through Gamemat.eu today I noticed this lot on sale. That is MDF laser-cut terrain, but pre-painted! 😯 How long has this innovation been around? Is it just me, or is this a game-changer? Literally, just pop it out and assemble it. Like the oldschool card Necromunda...
  6. Nurgle tea party pt.3

    Nurgle tea party pt.3

    Plaguebearers on budget! Made from toys, pearls, guitar strings and other scrap, with a few choice bits from some actual miniatures thrown in as well. I got plenty more of these, and will do a blog post about the work in progress at some point.
  7. chaos is some stairs

    chaos is some stairs

  8. chaos is some stairs

    chaos is some stairs

  9. Stripes


  10. Dying Tree

    Dying Tree

    Some small progress this weekend. Start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To my opinion, you will never completely finish to paint a terrain. Especially big ones. The trick is to know where to stop.
  11. The Shelves

    The Shelves

    Everything is now at its right place !
  12. Pipes


    TO BE continued !
  13. Concrete and dirt

    Concrete and dirt

    The two tones I use much
  14. Painting has started

    Painting has started

    Another exciting part of the project, start to already comes alive.
  15. Black Coated

    Black Coated

    As Mick used to say, paint it black
  16. Dying Tree

    Dying Tree

    Really happy about the branch I found that fit perfectly as a gothic scary dying tree.
  17. Connected Tree

    Connected Tree

    To keep it alive, engineers of the hive plug the tree to pipes, that is coming from the pound with a pump, though the Mausoleum to give it a mix of nutriments and chemicals. ( note to self, no scientific here, just a dreamer ahah)
  18. The Caban in the tree

    The Caban in the tree

    A universal kid's dream.
  19. Labyrinth


    There is many ways to move in this terrain and stay covered. Please roll up the sleeves when you move your figurine there ;)
  20. The pond

    The pond

    As you may know, I like water effect. In this terrain, i found out it was a pity to not being able to use the pond as a cover. So I will only add a small amount of resin at the end, like it's almost dried.