1. Person Of Interest

    Person Of Interest

    Secondary objective
  2. Stand Aside Citizen

    Stand Aside Citizen

    The Security Droids deploy right on top of the secondary objective
  3. Gotcha


    Indigo finds a gap through the buildings she can fire through
  4. Turn 4 deployment

    Turn 4 deployment

    Kerbin and Lala deploy down the right flank. Skulker brigands can be seen in the distance.
  5. Turn 4 deployment 2

    Turn 4 deployment 2

    Daphne, Indigo and Westley deploy on the left flank. More Skulker brigands can be seen in the distance.
  6. Sniper post

    Sniper post

    Daphne's vantage point
  7. It's all over bar the shooting

    It's all over bar the shooting

    Just the Skulker lieutenant remains between the Buttercups crew and victory
  8. Standoff


  9. Who's a clever girl

    Who's a clever girl

    Fezzik faces off against a Sand Runner
  10. Lyndon

    The Misadventures of the "Buttercup" - A 5 parsecs from home story

    Introducing the crew of the "Buttercup" From left to right: Westley, a human agri-worker who grew up in the Sigma research station. Currently on the run, from what he won't say, but some suspect the Dread Pirate Roberts himself. Kerbin, a human artist from the sprawl of New Philadelphia...
  11. The Crew

    The Crew

    Left to right: Westley, Kerbin, Lala, Indigo, Daphné and Fezzik