1. ClanBuckCANS

    N18 Tales of the 105th: Count down to destruction

    0:30 Shit 0:29 Shit 0:28 SHIT! 0:27 Where the frag was the way out of this soon to be crater!? Wait! 0:26 Scrambling to find the door in the dark had not been part of the plan. If I fragging, get out of this, the thought shattered as she finally found the door. 0:25 As the light of the hanger...
  2. Wasteland

    Kneeling Fire Position (KFP)

    I had my third campaign game of N17 last weekend and we had a blast as usual. We played Downtown Dust-Up and many gangers were shot up by scared locals. Even Skullshank got a Stub gun to the face and later on took revenge on the poor hiver and had to pay $10 as recompense to the guilders. As we...
  3. U

    Actions for pinned fighters?

    I was curious as to how players are interpreting the actions possible for pinned fighters. The basic rules say pinned fighters can either crawl as a double action ( full turn ) or stand up as a basic action. Basic actions supposedly allow for a second basic or simple action, and moving is a...