adepta sororitas

  1. ClanBuckCANS

    N18 Tales of the 105th. Fredia Fire

    War. She remembered nothing but the never ending theatres of War. Fist the wars of home, fighting for food against her siblings, each meal a battle. Then, as years progressed, the fight against her hair, the unruly flaming tendrils getting caught even amongst themselves. Yet nothing of her...
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  3. YakTribe

    N17 Genestealer Cult Official 1.1

    These are the official Genestealer Cult gang rules for N17. Originally presented in White Dwarf issue March 2018, the gang was updated by Games Workshop and released as PDF. Contains rules for: Cult Adept Cult Alpha Hybrid Acolyte Abberant Hybrid Neophyte Familiars Cult Wyrd Powers
  4. Ikiry0

    N17 Hopitaller Mission Gang 2.0

    The Sisters Hospitaller don't really get as much showing as the Battle Sisters in fluff but they are notable for being not just a military faction but a civilian one. One noted in the fluff for being very popular among the imperial population because they are willing to mission to those who...