adeptus titanicus

  1. Titan Progress 1

    Titan Progress 1

    Went through an assembly line of painting yellow and blue on these 6 titans. Because I had already glued the plating in place, I had to resort to a lot of masking, as seen here.
  2. Titan Progress 2

    Titan Progress 2

    Titans ready for detail work.
  3. Warhound Progress 1

    Warhound Progress 1

    The first warhound with its trim work finished. On to motifs and basing.
  4. First two Titans

    First two Titans

    530 points of Legio Astorum ready for the tabletop.
  5. B

    Moustache's Modelling Mayhem (and other such ramblings)

    So I decided that, to keep track of what I'm thinking about working on, what I'm actually working on, and what I've finished (each list smaller than the last sadly...), I'd do the Yak-thing and start a blog. I am not a painter and, until the summer of 2021, was not a miniature gamer. Now I have...
  6. SleepySnek

    WANTED - Adeptus Titanicus Vulcan Mega Bolter Pair

    Hi guys, Since it seems this place can be used to barter for Non-Necromunda pieces, I'm going to stick this here. Basically, I've been looking for a couple of extra Vulcan Mega Bolters for my Warhound Scout Titans for Adeptus Titanicus for some time. GW doesn't sell the sprue, Bitzbox isn't...