age of sigmar

  1. Tzeentch Champions 01 - Copy.jpg

    Tzeentch Champions 01 - Copy.jpg

    some tzeentch sorcerer types for age of sigmar, painted between 2020 and 2021
  2. Anasta 01 - Copy.jpg

    Anasta 01 - Copy.jpg

    painted 2022
  3. Basileus

    Warcry Rosters 1.0

    Print-friendly custom roster versions from the Core Book. Includes warband, heroes, fighters, encampments and tornament rosters.
  4. The Wyrmling

    The Wyrmling

    Placeholder Image for now, this is supposed to be a psychic familiar for my GSC gang
  5. Condottiero Magno

    Regarding Curs'd Ettin and Giant base sizes for WFB and AoS...

    Missed out buying the Curs'd Ettin from Froge World, but have an hefty metal Ettin from WotC... Wasn't the Curs'd Ettin the same size as the plastic giant, so on a 50mm x 75mm base? In AoS the base sizes don't make any sense: the Chaos Siege Giant, despite having the body of the plastic...
  6. Loriel

    Warcry - Emberwastes

  7. WIP Second batch of 5 dryads

    WIP Second batch of 5 dryads

  8. WIP Elven hero & work on bases

    WIP Elven hero & work on bases

  9. WIP Treelord Ancient

    WIP Treelord Ancient

  10. The first two days worth of Sylvaneth

    The first two days worth of Sylvaneth

  11. Nurgle tea party pt.2

    Nurgle tea party pt.2

    Great Unclean One made out of papier-mâché, grains of sand and horns sharpened from plastic sprue in the late 90s'. More recently kitbashed cultists and Plaguebearers. Scratch built Beast of Nurgle looms in the shadows as well.
  12. Nurgle tea party pt.3

    Nurgle tea party pt.3

    Plaguebearers on budget! Made from toys, pearls, guitar strings and other scrap, with a few choice bits from some actual miniatures thrown in as well. I got plenty more of these, and will do a blog post about the work in progress at some point.
  13. Insurgent

    And Still AoS page remains empty...

    I think it says a lot about this group that an entire game page is empty. I totally understand why my "THIS GAME SUCKS" thread was deleted simply as a matter of good housekeeping (sorry admins). But I don't feel a lot of appreciation for the direction GW is taking its games on here. That said...