1. S

    N18 Law & Misrule campaign without alliances

    Hi, Short background for my gamimg group: We played so far the Outlands campaign, with some more settlement management added in, followed up by a narrative driven Ironman campaign (no income, limited post-battle actions). We will play a Law & Misrule campaign next. However, the general consens...
  2. G

    N18 Vaults of Temenos Disintegration Gun points cost

    Hey all, I've recently picked up the new Vaults of Temenos book, and in it you can make an alliance with The Imperial House. The Enforcer Bodyguards you get as allies come equipped with disintegration guns and I was wondering if anyone knows if the guns have a points cost somewhere? A player...
  3. Trolls_cawdor_alliances_inprog.jpg


  4. thanejaw

    N18 Automatic Alliances with Guilds and rackets

    Certain Rackets create automatic alliances with Guilds. You can only have an alliance with one Guild - however you can control multiple Rackets. Can a Gang own multiple Guild Bond Rackets? If so - how do you deal with alliances? My gut and considered feel is that no, you can only have 1...
  5. SirWalterManny

    N18 Imperial Imposters - Master Charlatan (Book of Judgement, p13, p15)

    Am I missing something obvious? P13: “When choosing an alliance in which to enter into, an Outlaw gang may select from one of the following:.... Imperial Imposters” - Only Outlaw gangs can have an alliance with them. Law abiding gangs may not. P15: [Imperial Imposters: Drawbacks] “During the...