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  2. Ambot2.jpg


    Ambot I painted for inside the Underhive
  3. Ambot1.jpg


    Ambot I painted for the Ash Wastes
  4. Scrap Heart

    Scrap Heart

    Scrap-code corrupted Ambot
  5. Scrap Heart

    Scrap Heart

  6. A

    N18 Ambot or Sanctioner

    A while ago I got a Ambot for my enforcers, but it was only part built when the Sanctioner was announced. Initially I wanted to get some parts and convert the Ambot into a Sanctioner but eventually I just got the box and built one. Thing is I've still got the part built Ambot, and I'm trying to...
  7. Old Spike

    Old Spike

  8. Ambot.JPG


  9. ambot.jpg


    Ambot painted as Palanite Enforcer
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  11. 5d51a3ea-7751-4999-9f9f-2647a9d2165e.jpg


    Sister Amy the ambot
  12. Rigormortis

    N18 Blaze Question

    I'm sure I read somewhere that inorganic targets can't be set on fire. I can't remember where, and it doesn't say in the blaze rules. This has popped up regarding an ambot, being inorganic. Did I dream this, or does it actually say somewhere?
  13. Short Circuit.jpg

    Short Circuit.jpg

    Ambot, with a litle conversion on the top (canddles)
  14. image0.jpg


    Slave ogryn kit bash progress and ambot wip
  15. ambot alpha 2.jpg

    ambot alpha 2.jpg

    Now with added mohawk for that Goliath-specific look.
  16. ambot alpha.jpg

    ambot alpha.jpg

    A "what if..." moment that has worked better than I expected. I figure that if ambots can be 'jacked then the premier metalworkers of Necromunda can swap out a head casing. Skull is from a renderiser axe and the blade may yet get used as well. Still needs putty work for neck cables, eye lenses etc.
  17. Ambot Rosen Rot

    Ambot Rosen Rot

    My Slave Ogryns Ambot Rosen Rot
  18. Juice meets his match

    Juice meets his match

  19. PreOrderPreview-Feb17-AmbotAutomata3mt.jpg


  20. ambot.jpg