1. Adeptus Arbites.jpg

    Adeptus Arbites.jpg

    Adeptus Arbites
  2. Why is uploading images so archaic

    Why is uploading images so archaic

  3. Sector House Lamda-Seven Group Shot

    Sector House Lamda-Seven Group Shot

  4. Arbites 14.jpg

    Arbites 14.jpg

    Five man Arbite Patrol
  5. Arbites 12.jpg

    Arbites 12.jpg

    Five man Arbite Patrol
  6. Arbites 11.jpg

    Arbites 11.jpg

    Five man Arbite Patrol
  7. Arbites 10.jpg

    Arbites 10.jpg

    Five man Arbite Patrol
  8. Arbites 09.jpg

    Arbites 09.jpg

    Five man Arbite Patrol
  9. Arbites 08.jpg

    Arbites 08.jpg

    Five man Arbite Patrol
  10. Aulenback

    ORB Down Among The Dead Men 2019-02-25

    With the upcoming release of the Ambull mode for the first time since Rogue Trader days, it seems a good time to remember this scenario from Citadel Journal 38, "Down Among The Dead Men."
  11. M

    Venator Arbites/Enforcers feedback

    I'm starting a short campaign soon to get my group (and myself) up to speed on the new rules and gauge interest/build excitement for a longer campaign heavier on Arbitrator scenarios and general hijinx. So far, I've got four players more or less locked- my own Goliaths, a Chaos Cult, a...
  12. Wasteland

    Juvenile Delinquents vs. Arbites

    I was bored and wondered about about an exciting new supplement for N17 consisting of new models and scenarios. Have fun and here we go: Juvenile Delinquents vs. Arbites The supplement would come with the following figurines: - Two squads of Arbites (Commandant Lassard, Mahoney, Hightower...
  13. Petitioner's City

    Arbites/Enforcers Ideas

    Link Hello all - I was wondering about Enforcers/Arbites, or at least a temporary, fill-in-the-blank squad, and how to construct them from the various options available. I wasn't sure if an Orlock base (ferocity and shooting focus) or a Van Saar (techy and shooting) base was a good idea. Also...