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  3. ten_kage

    N18 Enforcers as a "neutral" element and how to balance them

    Hey everybody! Due to the lockdown restrictions that still affects my country, I have resorted to start a 2 Player campaign with my brother. We play on a map that is composed of 12 territories, including the 2 gangs' hideout. We decided, to spice up the thing a bit, to have a patrol of...
  4. D

    N18 New scenario: purge the blips!

    Hello all! I'm overall not super impressed by the scenarios that one plays in a normal Dominion campaign, and I have been looking for ways to improve this. One is to create special scenarios, and this is an attempt at creating a new version of the good old "purge!". As you will see, I have...
  5. Basileus

    N17 Arbitrator’s Guidebook 2019-06-16

    All current Arbitrator’s Guidebook articles from Warhammer Community, printer-friendly created in GitHub style Markdown.