ash wastes nomads

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    Ash waste nomad
  2. S

    N18 Ash waste nomad build

    New to necromunda this is my first build for a campaign coming up. Any input or suggestions? Leadarius Kha'tragi Chieftain Kills ❑❑❑❑❑ M WS BS S T W I A LD CL WIL INTEL Cost Adv XP Starving 6" 3" 4" 3" 3" 2" 3" 2" 5" 5" 6" 6" 315 0 0 No W:❑❑ FW: ❑❑❑ OOA:❑ Rec:❑ Wargear: Mesh Armor...
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    Ash Wastes Nomads Icon
  4. Pierric

    Necromunda Ash Wastes Nomad gang - for sale

    Hi everyone, I've got this lot of AWN miniatures I'm not intending to use (having done my own gang mainly from proxy miniatures) : If some Yakker is interested, he may drop me a MP to see if we can agree on a deal. (I will post internationnaly, and since they are not based can be sent...