ash wastes

  1. SirWalterManny

    N18 Starting out for the Ash Wastes (Goliath)

    When founding a gang with standard ash wastes rules (1000 creds + 400 creds for vehicles/mounts), do you aim to try to get all of your fighters a mount/space on a transport bed? If yes, how have you done this? If not, what % of your fighters do you aim to get mobile, and what % stay as foot...
  2. Alobar

    N18 Escher gang in the ash wastes. starting vehicle options

    hey dudes have got a campaign coming up, ash wastes, 1000 creds. my plan is a single heavy vehicle with a flat bed, and 7 fighters who can all fit on board. no extra guns or anything else on the vehicle. no other upgrades nor orher vehicles. the cutters are ace but expensive and...
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    2011 Marvel Avenger Goliath Size comparison
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  12. Ash_Wastes_Enforcer_Rig.jpg


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  14. Steel Legion Sniper 03 - Copy.jpg

    Steel Legion Sniper 03 - Copy.jpg

    Steel Legion sniper conversion, painted 2023
  15. Steel Legion Sniper 02 - Copy.jpg

    Steel Legion Sniper 02 - Copy.jpg

    Steel Legion sniper conversion, painted 2023
  16. Steel Legion Sniper 01 - Copy.jpg

    Steel Legion Sniper 01 - Copy.jpg

    Steel Legion sniper conversion, painted 2023
  17. C

    How to add cutters and maulers

    Hey I'm having a hard time figuring out how to create crews, add mulers and cutters. I know cutters are mounts but when I unrestrict the equipment I only see bikes and dusks. I also can't for the live of me how to figure out how to add maulers or a crew as mentioned. Thanks for any assistance
  18. C

    N18 Building an Orlocks gang for Ash Wates

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this but I've looked around couldn't find either the answers or a more appropriate place to ask. I'm trying to get my head around the mechanics of using Yaktribe to write a gang list for Ash Wastes. Some of the issues I have encountered are - Ash...
  19. H

    Bug Vehicle Crew Missing

    Okay, I must be missing something or this is bug… You can add vehicles no problem, but what about Crew? There is also no vehicle/crew card and you can’t add upgrades to the vehicle. Surly this can’t all be missing, so am I just missing something obvious? Please advise, thanks in advance.
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