ash wastes

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  2. kacpk_k01

    N17 Ash Wastes GW-like Cards for Seasons and Environmets 2022-10-31

    Ash Wastes GW-like Cards for Seasons and Environmets
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    Moto Moxes, the mobile segment of the Marauding Moxes gang...
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    Moto Moxes, the mobile segment of the Marauding Moxes gang...
  5. drdrybrush

    Necromunda Ash Wastes Thoughts and Rambles.

    Greetings hive scum! So, I've had a good chance to play about in the ash wastes now using Goliaths against Orloks (goliath pre cinderak burning) and the they work pretty damn well! Here's what I've learned so far: RIDGEHAULER OF HAMMERS - get a ridgehauler to negate the poor movement of...
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  7. MyLonelyDeer

    N17 [MAP] Western Hemisphere of Necromunda 2022-08-16

    Aleksey Kazmin has restored the map from Necromunda - Ash Wastes in high-res for printing.
  8. A

    N18 Vehicle Collision Damage Strangeness

    So just got my copy of the Book of the Outlands and immediately went to the vehicle section to read about how they work, as a big part of my excitement for ash wastes was my nostalgia playing Gorkamorka as a kid. And naturally the best memory their is ramming trucks into each other as your...
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    Free Company Mercenaries
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    First test. Rolling road board for Necromunda Ash Wastes.
  15. Petitioner's City

    N17 N/A 1.0

    Please delete!
  16. O

    NCE Sump Seepage: slap some paint on and call 'er done. we gotta show the innernet!

    Welcome to my picture log of necromunda projects. The first few posts will be of vehicles that I have been making over the past few years. Before this I have not had a place to share these. Please pardon this posting of old new things. Future posts will hopefully cover my ongoing exploration of...
  17. O

    NCE Building the Necromundan Ash Waste Battlebus

    -The Ash Waste Battlebus ready for vehicular mayhem in the ash wastes. Please read on below for a description of how it got built. “No, none of these will do,” rasps the grizzled gang leader as he limps down the final row of surplus vehicles with the shantytown salesmech. “Just look at these...
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    Dorchester dismounting.jpg

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    Dorchester Battlebus.jpg

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    Dorchester interior painted.jpg