ash wastes

  1. Dorchester interior painted.jpg

    Dorchester interior painted.jpg

  2. Dorchester underside painted.jpg

    Dorchester underside painted.jpg

  3. Dorchester painted.jpg

    Dorchester painted.jpg

  4. Dorchester with gangers.jpg

    Dorchester with gangers.jpg

  5. Dorchester interior completed.jpg

    Dorchester interior completed.jpg

  6. Dorchester hood and side.jpg

    Dorchester hood and side.jpg

  7. Dorchester body completed.jpg

    Dorchester body completed.jpg

  8. Dorchester interior.jpg

    Dorchester interior.jpg

  9. Dorchester underside.jpg

    Dorchester underside.jpg

  10. Petitioner's City

    N17 Ash Wastes Rules 1.0

    Hi all, this supplement allows you to play battles in the Ash Wastes during your campaigns of Necromunda, as a kind of ‘plug in and play’ set of rules that can be used in ongoing or new campaign. These rules owe a lot to Gorkamorka, the original Ash Wastes rules presented in Citadel Jounral...
  11. Red_Starrise

    N17 Ash Wastes Nomads 1.2

    Long ago the Ash Wastes setting made Necromunda into a much much different game. Since first reading Necromunda Magazine 3 I was hooked by the nomads. Both due to how much they sounded like the Fremen from Dune and also just how different they were from other gangs. After Gangs of Necromunda I...
  12. YakTribe

    Necromunda Dead Drop 2019-08-23

    A daring raid on a moving transport puts the Road Dogs Orlock gang in danger as rivals seek the same prize and the unexpected strikes. READ IT BECAUSE Get to grips with a fast-paced (literally!) tale from the underhive, packed with twists, turns and mysteries. THE STORY The Road Dogs, an...
  13. Aulenback

    Kroot - a Mutie Raiders rewrite 2018-09-10

    The rules are pure Mutie Raiders from Digganob. The background and vocabulary are adding Kroot to Angelis [or the Ash Wastes of Necromunda, etc], in a 'counts as' fashion. No rules alterations or adjustments needed.
  14. Stoof

    ORB Ash Wastes Vehicle Speed Markers 1.0

    Crawl / Slow / Combat / Fast markers for easy remembering of speeds for Ash Wastes vehicles or Gorkamorka
  15. WeebLoser

    N17 A Journey To The Underhive

    Hello! This is where I will post pictures of my time into Necromunda. I’ll post pictures of gangs, terrain, and anything else applicable. First, here’s some pictures of my Ash Waste Guide Hired Gun!
  16. Red_Starrise

    N17 Newly Revamped Ash Wastes Nomads

    Group shot - Stormriders have entered the hive. Their vehicles having been expertly stashed away. Left: leader with plasma pistol & chainsword (handed down from original House Catallus armory) Right: juve with stubber & double bladed knife Champions. Left: heavy stubber...
  17. Red_Starrise

    N17 Ash Wastes Nomads Modernization 2018-05-30

    Updated version here: As a labor of love I've attempted to modernize the Ash Wastes Nomads (my favorite gang by far) into N17. It's not been beautified yet, it's just words on paper but please let me know your thoughts so I can make...
  18. M

    Simple Legacy Gangs + Outlanders, Proxies and Alternative Models Sheet

    So we are kicking off a new campaign at my home just outside of Washington DC and I'll be most likely running it. I'll be wanting to use as many of the other gangs as possible (Beyond what's included with the legacy gangs sheet), and like most people I can't be bothered waiting for GW to come...
  19. Andyvegas


    Necromunda Battle Gang Fight NCE - community edition GANG FIGHT BATTLE GANG FIGHT DUNE DOGS (ASH WASTE NOMADS) VS SPLEEN MURCHENTS (GOLIATH) Spleen murchents have emoji to distinguish. Dice are rolled, game on Dogs moved first Dogs took ground deep SM deployed into hiding SM move in hiding...
  20. B

    Getting Wasted: Ash Waste Nomads

    Hello Everyone After a long time reading through several Threads i decided to present you my Gang and maybe get some enriching feedback. I've played my first and only necromunda game 6 or 7 years ago as a young teenager and instantly liked it. The small player base and lacking support from GW...