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    For Gang Image
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  3. 40K Assassin Gorfoz 01.png

    40K Assassin Gorfoz 01.png

  4. 40K Assassin Praxenta 02.png

    40K Assassin Praxenta 02.png

  5. 40K Assassin Luthor 03.png

    40K Assassin Luthor 03.png

  6. Sliza Minelli wip

    Sliza Minelli wip

    Assassin for yakcomp #36 wip
  7. YakTribe

    Nighthawk Warband 1.0

    "From east came bands of cloaked strangers with slanted eyes and strange accents. They all moved with a fluid like confidence that was instantly threatening without them actually doing anything. These strangers have become a deservedly feared opponent on the streets of mordheim. Due to their...
  8. YakTribe

    Assassin Squad 1.5

    The Skaven always have used the Eshin clan as ultimate control instrument. But even those killers have specialists. After several missions certain Skaven are selected to operate in secret groups. The groups are called the hand of 13, though more often are just referred to as Assassin Squads...
  9. YakTribe

    Dark Elf Raiding Party 1.0

    All over both the Old and the New World Black Ark s have appeared, these are fortress-palaces of the once proud cities of Naggarythe. Broken off from the world by the great tidal waves of the cataclysm as the Witch King tried to undo the spells that bound Realm of Chaos to the Northern Wastes...
  10. Anthony

    LRB Assassin v1.0

    Rules for an Assassin hired gun.