badzone enforcers

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    N18 How do these Badzone Boiz look to you?

    Hello scummers! I’m putting together a badzone enforcer gang to run in an upcoming campaign, and I figured I’d share my list with y’all to see what you think and take advantage of any potential community feedback. I haven’t named the gang or any gangers yet for fear of getting attached before...
  2. Badzone Enforcers

    Badzone Enforcers

    Badzone Enforcer progress pic
  3. Crew Picture

    Crew Picture

    Badzone Enforcers led by Captain Belaston
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    Badzone Enforcers
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    Badzone Enforcers
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    Badzone Enforcers
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    Easy Enforcer head swaps?

    One of my projects for the summer is a small Badzone Enforcers gang, using half a box of Enforcers and Subjugators and a couple boxes of Hive Scum. There are few things I hate more than working with green stuff or building up necks for head swaps, and as such I would tremendously appreciate any...
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    N18 Badzone Enforcers next campaign advice

    My local group just finished our first Necromnda campaign and will be starting a new one in a month or so. Here is the starting list I used in the previous campaign (we went for 1200 starting credits rather than 1000). 195 Captain, Concussion Carbine, Shock Stave Mesh Armour, Got your six 170...
  10. Strange happenings in The Pit

    Strange happenings in The Pit