1. Badzone Enforcers

    Badzone Enforcers

    Badzone Enforcer progress pic
  2. The shrine

    The shrine

  3. Badzone-subjugators.jpeg


    Badzone Enforcers
  4. badzone-enforcers.jpeg


    Badzone Enforcers
  5. badzone-enforcers-2.jpeg


    Badzone Enforcers
  6. P

    N18 Can I Buy Vigilance pattern assault shield for my badzone Patrolman?

    like the title says, I know the Badzone Enforcers patrolmen dont have Shields BUT in the Yaktribe trading post its lets me buy them. Can I buy them in the trading Post and then give them the shields? Or is this just a mistake on the site.
  7. SirWalterManny

    N18 Gunk Special Ammunition (Book of Peril p89)

    So, utterly confused by the weapons reference chart for Gunk ammunition and bolt weapons... I am assuming there is at least one, possibly more, errors here. Can't see this addressed in official FAQs. Has anyone (a) seen this corrected/confirmed/updated anywhere else (couldn't see Gunk ammo...
  8. Zone Mortalis tiles

    Zone Mortalis tiles

    A quick reference sheet for all Necromunda: Underhive and Badzone Delta-7 cardboard tiles