1. tehsaq

    N17 Printable Illustrated Custom Badzones Cards 2020-04-30

    Inspired by Xiądz's excellent tactics cards I've made a set of illustrated Badzones cards from the Book of Peril. As with the tactics cards, print them in A4 and put in a sleeve with a spare MTG card for stiffness. As you'll see I wasn't able to fit all the rules text onto one card for most of...
  2. AxeSlash

    N17 Zone Mortalis Tile Planner 1.01

    This is a Trimble Sketchup file that contains all 36 tile images (ie including the Badzone Delta 7 tiles) arranged into convenient Sketchup components that you can place and rotate really easily. I've also included a couple of groups that show them classified into a) the different wall...
  3. J

    N18 Badzones Delta 7

    Hello, please can anyone send me scan of Badzone delta 7 tiles? It is impossible to get it, so we try make own ones. Thank you :)