1. MusingWarboss

    Necromunda MusingWarboss's Base Labels - Inkscape File - 25mm v.1 1

    NAME YOUR FIGHTERS! If you want to give your Necromunda (or similar) fighters some personalised names not just on the roster sheet but on the actual models bases too - then these paper wrappable labels are just what you need!! This is an Inkscape file, so due to the limitations of this website...
  2. 20230517_192849.jpg


    Kitbashed walker for WIP Badzone Enforcer gang. Ork Legs, Scratch built the rest.
  3. Base Rim Labels Preview

    Base Rim Labels Preview

    Been trying to make a thing to accurately angle text on a 25mm base for Necromunda, SW:A, Kill Team etc. Preview of efforts so far.
  4. Gorkanaut WIP

    Gorkanaut WIP

    Found a suitable base from hobby shop. An oval plate from some kind of a wedding sign? Covered in scrap.