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  1. celticgriffon

    Suggestion Battle Reports (Video and Written) - does this need a forum?

    Hi everyone - would it be wise to perhaps have a section in the forums were people can post battle reports. I dumped my latest vid into a generic location and it just didn't feel satisfying... lol Cheers, Michael
  2. celticgriffon

    N18 Celticgriffon Necromunda 18 Video Battle Report Orlocks vs Goliaths

    Hey guys and gals, It has been forever since we played a game of Necromunda... In this episode Mark and his Orlock's battle against my Goliath's. Both are nameless 'cause that's how it goes sometimes. We also polish a bottle of Flor de Cana. Points values were around 1250 per side. 2017...
  3. A

    Necromunda campaign and battle reports coming

    Hey everyone, my channel is focussing on Necromunda from now on and will be producing battle reports from our coming campaign. We are based in spain but my reports will all be in english as I am english native. Quality will improve as we progress and I get more practice. Trying to do the same...
  4. drdrybrush

    Necromunda Chanel Updates Thread

    Greetings hive scum! I'm starting this thread so that I can share channel updates with you lot for the ongoing Dark Uprising set in Hive Galatus between the ruthless Enforcers and the misguided Cawdor splinter faction, the Brotherhood of the Dying Light. Firstly I just want to say thanks to...
  5. A

    N18 Story Batrep - Delaque V Orlock

    Agency of Regulative Servility (Delaque) V Brotherhood of Steel (Orlock) The heavy thud of boot on ferrocrete echoed within the tech-chamber, the sound disappearing into the darkness above. Bunker-like and rectangular but with a vast ceiling, eight dimly lit pillars edged the space as the bulky...
  6. Race to not be the last one...

    Race to not be the last one...

    With Cawdor having escaped the Pit that left the last remaining fighters from the Escher, Venator and Ogryn gangs to attempt one last dash to freedom before they were all crushed to death by the compacters. After a difficult climb and a bullet wounding her, the Escher girl made it out of the Pit.
  7. Clearly he did not believe hard enough.

    Clearly he did not believe hard enough.

    As his feet left the top of the reclaimed water tank into empty space, time seemed to slow down. Seconds stretched into minutes in a blink off an eye before reality smashed its ugly head in and that sense of stillness was replaced by one of a sickening falling...
  8. I believe I can fly...

    I believe I can fly...

    With the number of possible escape routes cut off, this venator attempts to jump to freedom.
  9. Hang in there, Kitty!

    Hang in there, Kitty!

    One of the Escher gang's felines finds itself suspended upside down through a gap in the grating after a surprise hivequake.
  10. View from the top

    View from the top

    The Cawdor gang flees the pit like rats abandoning a sinking ship in the Sump.
  11. The End

    The End

    My juve "Skull" is caught in crossfire and taken down. The pistol wielding novice with a leg wound almost makes his long run to the loot stored in a shopping cart, but then the Redemptionists fail their bottle test and are forced to leave the site. So it's a victory for the Cawdor Cleaning patrol!
  12. Leaping Leader

    Leaping Leader

    After a series of chaotically long or short leaps, my leader "Master" ends up in the open just in front of a shotgun wielding Redemptionist, whose brother from upstairs joins fire with his autogun. Amazingly the leader is only pinned, and proceeds to take out the shotgun bloke in melee.
  13. Novice hiding behind a barrel of taco sauce

    Novice hiding behind a barrel of taco sauce

    The novice avoids getting heavy flamered, and goes on to kick my poor and already wounded juve out of action. He then gets surrounded by several bigger Cawdor bullies and taken out instantly.
  14. Snipers get sniped back

    Snipers get sniped back

    ...almost. The Redemptor Priest fails to hit, and moves on to drop grenades on the Cleaners. On the other side of the table one of the Van Saar juves gets taken out by the Redemptionists, and at this point they had to take their first bottle test, which came out as a double six.
  15. Snipers inspecting the shadows

    Snipers inspecting the shadows

    "Think I saw something moving there... There, shoot him!!!"
  16. The dark alleys

    The dark alleys

    "I don't want to go there, it's too dark and scary!"
  17. Second turn

    Second turn

    A few long range shots were exchanged between all the participants, and the first one to hit (four times) was the Van Saar heavy with heavy bolter. The downed redemptor brother fell down from the upmost ladder and died there on the spot. :( The other heavy with lascannon missed his unobscured shot.
  18. The beginning

    The beginning

    The first turn. Redemptionists (the cone head ones) on the lower left corner, Van Saars lurking next to the bottle of beer, with two heavies and leader dropping down from the vents. The cleaning patrol of House Cawdor sprang forth from around the altar of Nurgle on the lower right corner.
  19. Mongooser

    Reports from the Mongoose Den

    Well this is the first post in a series of posts that I'll be giving as we attempt to kick off a BFG group in Jacksonville FL. (btw if anyone here is IN Jacksonville and interested in playing BFG just send me a message or even meet up at the GW on a Friday or Saturday. Someone will probably be...
  20. Jacob Dryearth

    Necromunda Queen's Dome Turf Wars 3: Outbreak in Ornelius

    Found here will be the campaign log for the 3rd Queen's Dome Turf War, which is actually a Dominion campaign. I will post fiction, battle reports, pictures etc. The amount of content depends on the amount shared by the participants. Ten gangs are fighting over recently vacated territory, as the...