battlefleet gothic

  1. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Eldar Fleet Lists 2019-02-23

    I guess I should probably put up a list for the Knife-eared space rats. So here it is. Eldar Corsair Lists! Dark Eldar List! Craftworld Eldar List! Crit Tables and Refits. All in one place. Because even Eldar deserve Fleet List Love...probably...
  2. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Carcharodons Fleet List 2019-02-22

    Do you love sharks? Do you love ripping apart filthy xenos and heretics with chain axes? Do you miss the days when your Nomad Predation Fleet could descend on a planet, strip it of anything not nailed down to sustain its wanderings? WE DO! The Mongoose Presents: The Carcharodons Fleet List for...
  3. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Comprehensive Chaos Fleet List 2019-02-22

    *Knock knock knock* *Door Opens* "Has anyone talked to you about the Chaos Gods?" Looking for ships you can throw into a Chaos Fleet but don't want to dig through three books and multiple other files to find them? If so, then this file's for you! Chaos Space Marine Special Rules! Daemonships...
  4. Mongooser

    Reports from the Mongoose Den

    Well this is the first post in a series of posts that I'll be giving as we attempt to kick off a BFG group in Jacksonville FL. (btw if anyone here is IN Jacksonville and interested in playing BFG just send me a message or even meet up at the GW on a Friday or Saturday. Someone will probably be...
  5. Battlefleet Gothic Campaign Map

    Battlefleet Gothic Campaign Map

    Sector: The Starshroud Expanse Subsector: The Western Marches
  6. Tiny

    Alternative BFG Miniatures

    As I am just starting into BFG, I am looking round at all of the different miniatures manufacturers so thought I would collate my findings in one place. If you have any sources for minis, post your links and pics of alternative BFG miniatures below. I will attempt to keep this post updated with...
  7. Stoof

    Battlefleet Gothic - Armada 2017-11-17

    Additional fleets and ships on top of those in the original book.
  8. Stoof

    Battlefleet Gothic - Torpedo markers, bombers etc 2017-11-16

    Cutout sheet for torpedoes and small craft
  9. Stoof

    Battlefleet Gothic - Blast markers, asteroids etc 2017-11-16

    Cutout sheet for BFG markers
  10. Stoof

    Battlefleet Gothic - Reference Tables 2017-11-16

    Quick reference tables for special orders, to hit etc.
  11. Stoof

    Battlefleet Gothic - Imperial Tactics 2017-11-16

    Liam the Surnameless's Tactics Supplement
  12. Stoof

    Battlefleet Gothic - General Tactics 2017-11-16

    Adam Brown's Tactics Supplement
  13. Stoof

    Battlefleet Gothic - Campaigns 2017-11-16

    Original book pages 148-160