1. RoC_fren_bmen_inprog.JPG


  2. FYSC March - Beasts Warband

    FYSC March - Beasts Warband

  3. Zan & Jeremy

    Zan & Jeremy

    Zan & Jeremy, ready to join the warband in Mordheimunda.
  4. Dali Pig and Screaming Pony

    Dali Pig and Screaming Pony

    Painted a third eye on the pig, just cos it seemed to want it.
  5. Whole Crew - mid campaign round 1

    Whole Crew - mid campaign round 1

    Groupshot after 4 games - 2 extra gangers, 1 pet from the Xenos Beast racket, 0 deaths, 0 kills, 0 prisoners Our local campaign counts a campaign week as a month, and uses extra
  6. Rogue Freelancers - Crew

    Rogue Freelancers - Crew

    Left to right: Scion Grimbold (2), Private Caaan (3), Rorky Rawgrimson (2), Trooper H0b-B1T (4), Crewman Turon (3), Scion Tuckley (4)
  7. Rogue Freelancers - Leader & Champions

    Rogue Freelancers - Leader & Champions

    Left: Scoutmaster Baad Maac, Hunt Champion (3), Centre: Sgt Brahamson, Hunt Leader (2) w. Grapplehawk exotic pet, right: Quartermaster Angus McBaggley, Hunt Champion (4)
  8. feb2020fysc.jpg


    February 2020 FYSC entry * 5 Beastmen Venators * 10 Possessed
  9. YakTribe

    Chaos Beastmen 1.0

    The Beastmen are part man, part beast and the children of Chaos itself. Beastmen are savage fighters who combine the ferocity and strength of a wild animal with the human intellect. They are armed with a variety of stolen and crude weapons, where the strongest carry the best weapons. They often...
  10. YakX options

    YakX options

    Decisions to make, models to destroy/poorly paint :)