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    Omnissiah Naval Asset (ONA) Quishy.
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  3. 3rd battle group

    3rd battle group

    Bfg imperial navy
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    BFG Tyranid Hivefleet
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  8. B

    BFG Badab War

    A friend of mine and myself of course are looking for some footage to run a Badab War campaing. Is there anything exept the fleet list from the the imperial armor? Esepcially some Sub-Sector lists would be useful.
  9. J

    He's got the whole world in his hands

    Anyone know the diameter of the cardboard planet and moon from the original set? Would be a big help...
  10. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Space Marine Fleet List 2019-03-02

    "And they shall know no fear!" Space Marine Fleet lists for Battlefleet Gothic. Space Marine ships of every non-heretical flavor! Space Wolves Fleet List and unique ships Carcharodons Unique Ships Legion of the Damned
  11. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Eldar Fleet Lists 2019-02-23

    I guess I should probably put up a list for the Knife-eared space rats. So here it is. Eldar Corsair Lists! Dark Eldar List! Craftworld Eldar List! Crit Tables and Refits. All in one place. Because even Eldar deserve Fleet List Love...probably...
  12. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Carcharodons Fleet List 2019-02-22

    Do you love sharks? Do you love ripping apart filthy xenos and heretics with chain axes? Do you miss the days when your Nomad Predation Fleet could descend on a planet, strip it of anything not nailed down to sustain its wanderings? WE DO! The Mongoose Presents: The Carcharodons Fleet List for...
  13. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Comprehensive Chaos Fleet List 2019-02-22

    *Knock knock knock* *Door Opens* "Has anyone talked to you about the Chaos Gods?" Looking for ships you can throw into a Chaos Fleet but don't want to dig through three books and multiple other files to find them? If so, then this file's for you! Chaos Space Marine Special Rules! Daemonships...
  14. Mongooser

    Reports from the Mongoose Den

    Well this is the first post in a series of posts that I'll be giving as we attempt to kick off a BFG group in Jacksonville FL. (btw if anyone here is IN Jacksonville and interested in playing BFG just send me a message or even meet up at the GW on a Friday or Saturday. Someone will probably be...
  15. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - New Celestial Phenomena 2019-02-02

    New Phenomena - Additional ways to populate your spcaescapes on the tabletop By Unkown! Want new and exciting things to clutter up your table top?! Then this file is for you. *Mongooser is not responsible if these new celestial phenomena are not new and exciting
  16. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Blackstone Fortress Weapons 2019-02-02

    Blackstone Fortress Weapons - House Rules for your Blackstone Fortress by Peter Spence Just a fun little page that shows what you can do if you bring TWO Blackstone Fortresses to the battle...for some reason...and if you want to have no friends after the match, I guess.
  17. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Tyranid Tactics 2019-02-02

    Tyranid Tactics by Owen Barnes Talks about the major differences between building a fleet with Tyranids than doing so with any other fleet. Talks about working WITH your synapse instinctive reactions instead of against them. Breaks down all the various ships and some of their strengths and...
  18. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Torpedo Tactics 2019-02-02

    Torpedo Tactics - Ordanance tactics for BFG by ‘Volandum’ Talks about using torpedoes. What did you expect from the name? Also talks about different types of torpedoes used by the various races. It also has a small section at the end about fighting AGAINST torpedoes.
  19. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Ork Tactics 2019-02-02

    Blunt, Green & Mean - Ork Tactics in Battlefleet Gothic By Stefano “Soulstone” Breviglieri Like the rest of the tactics it gives a breakdown of the various ships and the tactics they should use. A very good read as some of the conclusions seem to go contrary to many of the tactics other races use.
  20. Mongooser

    Battlefleet Gothic - Necron Tactics 2019-02-02

    Necron Tactics by Elan Stein Breakdown of the various ships as well as things to do and things to avoid for using our favorite Heavy Metal Skeletons!