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  3. W

    Regular Female Models

    Hello dear community, I am fairly new to the game, but I am ambitious and I want to do something. I want to build my (Outcast) crew as all(most all) females. But bI do not like the aesthetic of the Escher, since they are a little flashy and ... impractical. I absolutely adore the style of the...
  4. SleepySnek

    WANTED - Adeptus Titanicus Vulcan Mega Bolter Pair

    Hi guys, Since it seems this place can be used to barter for Non-Necromunda pieces, I'm going to stick this here. Basically, I've been looking for a couple of extra Vulcan Mega Bolters for my Warhound Scout Titans for Adeptus Titanicus for some time. GW doesn't sell the sprue, Bitzbox isn't...
  5. ZadokAllen

    Where do you guys source your bits?

    Hey, everybody! I'm pretty new to this forum/minigaming/terrain building. I recently picked up a copy of Necromunda off ebay and I'm looking to start scratch building some terrain. I've been mostly lurking for a few weeks and have loved looking at all these awesome threads for inspiration for...
  6. djmothra

    Competition Yak 19 " Bits Box Challenge"

    Welcome there Yakkers, this is Yak19 - this time chosen by @Ned Noodle with a fantastic win in the last Competition. This competition is going to be a little odd...and, we're going to ask you to be honest too. "Bits Box Challenge" make something from ONLY using the old or spare parts that are...