1. guardian drones

    guardian drones

  2. Aulenback

    On the Precipice.

    Ahoy, all. In another thread on this board, chatting about bringing Necromunda Gangers into Blackstone Fortress as characters, I was reminded that Precipice [from BSF] might make an excellent setting to blend both ORB Necromunda and Shadow War: Armageddon. It is not a military combat zone, but...
  3. Stoof

    WHQ:BSF - Stoof's observations & thoughts during play

    I thought I'd create a thread with some of my thoughts & observations for games of BSF I've been playing solo, now that I've played a few times and I'm getting a feel for it. These are pure observation and gut feeling - I haven't math-hammered it beyond easy stuff. I won't cover being inspired...