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    Necromunda Greppy's Plog Thread

    Hi! My name is Greppy and I'm a Necroholic and I'd like to start this thread to share what I'm working on. I recently finished, and currently running a homebrew campaign with handmade Laser cut terrain at my FLGS. I've enjoyed making the terrain so much I'm already working on my own Zone...
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    Another hobby log

    Hey all! I've decided to make a diary thread for my miniatures projects to motivate me to finish them and maybe meet some other hobbyists.
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    Siouxsi-Cide and the Banshee's

    Hiya everyone! I've been out of the picture for far to long, but I'm back and with a new project. Introducing Siouxsi-Cide and the Banshees's! I will be doing regular updates, as well as the whole painting process, yes even the awful looking base coat stage lol. I will be using my gang in a new...