blood bowl

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  2. Bb zombie conversion

    Bb zombie conversion

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    Hekflem kitbashed out of a Blitzer and a lineman.
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    Hakflem kitbashed
  5. Dalia

    Blood Bowl Draft (7s) 2022-02-21

    Salut à tous, Je partage un petit Pdf d'un mod pour Blood bowl Seven, qui s'appelle DRAFT, ca permet de jouer un championnat sans toucher aux règles mais en modifiant certaines choses pour rendre le championnat différent. Nouveau système de score (6pts pour un TD et des options pour marquer...
  6. B

    Moustache's Modelling Mayhem (and other such ramblings)

    So I decided that, to keep track of what I'm thinking about working on, what I'm actually working on, and what I've finished (each list smaller than the last sadly...), I'd do the Yak-thing and start a blog. I am not a painter and, until the summer of 2021, was not a miniature gamer. Now I have...
  7. T

    Blood Bowl (BB2016) Special Play 2022-06-13

    All cards for BB2016 edition.
  8. T

    Blood Bowl 2020 Special Play 2022-11-05

    All special play cards.
  9. Grey Coast Scuttlers 1.0

    Grey Coast Scuttlers 1.0

    My first Blood Bowl team. As of 29 Oct 2021 their bases still need to be properly done. Apart from a couple arm swaps on some of the linesmen, the only notable conversion work was on the one thrower in the back, him having earned an extra pair of hands back during my first season with them.
  10. Varag Ghoul-Chewer

    Varag Ghoul-Chewer

    Had him since the 90s, painted him like it’s 1995!
  11. Halfling BB Team

    Halfling BB Team

  12. Hired Guns (2b of 4)

    Hired Guns (2b of 4)

  13. Hired Guns (2a of 4)

    Hired Guns (2a of 4)

  14. Hired Gun 006

    Hired Gun 006

    Dwarf Giant Head from Blood Bowl on a Goliath body.
  15. Hired Gun 005

    Hired Gun 005

    Dwarf Giant Head from Blood Bowl on a Goliath body.


    Dwarf Giant Head from Blood Bowl on a Goliath body.
  17. Thorgor

    New from GAMA Trade Show

    Some news has been unveiled for Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Kill Team: For Necromunda, nothing major yet. But a brand new Kal Jericho miniature is coming: For Blood Bowl, everyone's favorite joke team will be next: (I really like those sculpts. Miniature-wise, I think it's my favorite of the...
  18. G

    Wanted: 3rd Edition Blood Bowl in blister packs

    Hey chaps, I am looking for a few really great condition Blood Bowl figures from the 3rd Edition set specifically if anyone can help? They need to be in near mint blister packs as I am looking to put them into a presentation display.
  19. Stoof

    Thinking of taking the plunge - Skaven

    I've played Blood Bowl all of once, probably around 18 years ago. Back then I wanted a skaven team (the game I played was me as Elves of some flavour vs Skaven). I know next to nothing about blood bowl beyond that game I played all those years ago. It seems to have reasonable support and a...
  20. G

    My convererted Minotur collection

    My wife got me a box of Warhammer fantasy Minoturs for me to convert over for Blood bowl. Here are my assembled models: The one with downward curling horns if for my chorfs, spikey back is for chaos, and punching dagger is Blackhoof