book of judgement

  1. S

    N18 Opinions on Xeno weapons

    Hi in my campaign, we're are playing with rackets. I had drawn the cold trade and the res game. The cold trade lets me pick a free xeno weapon, so of course i'm going to use it. I'm a bit stuck with what to get. I was thinking of putting a kroot rifle on my leader (btw i play Cawdor). But I...
  2. Baffo

    N18 Black Market's new stuff discussion/clarifications

    I finally got my pre-ordered copy of the Book of Judgement today. So far I've managed to just skim trough the book, but I've spent the most time going over the new weapons and items from the Black market and there are so many fun/interesting little jewels. My favorites so far are the Xenoculum...
  3. SirWalterManny

    N18 Imperial Imposters - Master Charlatan (Book of Judgement, p13, p15)

    Am I missing something obvious? P13: “When choosing an alliance in which to enter into, an Outlaw gang may select from one of the following:.... Imperial Imposters” - Only Outlaw gangs can have an alliance with them. Law abiding gangs may not. P15: [Imperial Imposters: Drawbacks] “During the...