1. R

    Ravanas' Flesh Forges

    I've got at least three necromunda gangs in mind, so I'm going to just post bits of them here as I assemble them. I've started work on a Bratts gang for Necromunda. Bratts, for those that don't know, are a faction from the 90s pre-Necromunda game Confrontation. They're the children of nobles...
  2. Guilder A

    Guilder A

    This is my (preferred) "fancier" or more 'gilded' Guilder with a more ostentatious "up-hive" look akin to the classic Necromunda Bratts and other members of hive primus spyre nobilty. He sports a cobra-cane and carries a Servo-caliper and a coin-dispenser and snuff box on his belt.