1. T

    Bug Partially Deafened not Available

    I know that partially deafened has no effect the first time around, but how come there is no option to select it as an injury on my fighters? It would be helpful to make sure I remember it has already happened once when it comes up next time and I need to suffer a leadership penalty.
  2. S

    Bug 404 error in the gang editor

    Just started using this website today, my gang page is now a link directly to a 404 error, I remade the entire roster but the problem still persists for the second version.
  3. V

    Bug Cawdor Redemptionist Brethren

    The non specialist Brethren should have access to Retributor ammo for the shotgun, but the option is missing in the gang builder.
  4. D

    Bug Squat Charter Master does not have special weapon options in Underhive Tools.

    So, for some strange reason, the Squat Charter Master cannot take flamers or meltas in the Underhive Tools roster builder even though they can do so in the Book of the Outlands. Is this intentional or is there something missing?
  5. F

    Bug Cutomize share is off but still being shared.

    All of my custom wargear and weapons are being shared despite having that option turned off. Everyone in the campaign I'm in can see all of my custom stuff in the Trading Post which has already created some confusion. I've looked everywhere to try to find out why this is happening but as far as...
  6. A

    Bug Genestealer bugs

    Hi! I've seen that, - Flamer is 100 instead of 140. - Alpha has S3 instead S4. - Alpha has A2 with third arm, and the acolit has A2 with third arm as well. Should be either 3 and 2 or 2 and 1. Bye!
  7. J

    Bug Subjugator Captain wrong armor

    Enforcers Subjugator Captain currently comes with flak armor instead of layered flak armor.
  8. J

    Bug Enforcer Specialists do not have any equipment

    Currently, Enforcer Specialists do not come with armoured undersuit, stub gun, or layered/flak armor, which they are supposed to. Please help. It can be added, but obviously causes an incorrect gang value
  9. J

    Bug Problem with Van Saar Cyberarachnid

    Ok, so....when I add a pet(in this case a Carytaid) to my Van Saar gang, it generates a mini-fighter card, in order to track any advancements, however, when I add a Cyberarachnid, no mini-fighter card to have his stats. I think that's a bug.
  10. A

    Bug Custom Skills Error 500

    Hi guys! I am trying to add in the Muscle group skills for Goliath's House of Chains rules. I have been able to get in all the skills without any descriptions without issue, however, whenever I try to add in any of the descriptions that're longer than 2 lines I get: This page isn’t working...
  11. M

    N18 Enforcer Advances

    Hi All This is a shout out to clear something up. It could be a bug, could be something i missed but just need to clarify. Enforcer Patrolmen, when they get 6 exp they gain a random advance right? Or do they get to pick and choose like a champion / Juve? The reason i ask is the Yaktribe...
  12. I

    Bug Yaktribe tools breaking

    when adding gangers to a gang getting white screen with this error message (they are custom gangers if that matters) Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[22001]: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'type' at row 1 in Necromunda.ganger.process.php(46) Old munda...
  13. M

    Bug Hanger-On weapons

    I’m trying to add the gear for my Dome Runner and while the choice of pistol went fine, when I try to give him an axe, the menu of close combat weapons is all options for Brutes (Zerker fists, chemical breath, arc welders, etc): https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/seven_keys_cartel.47914/
  14. I

    Bug Cant make a new campaign

    (old necromunda if that makes a difference) whenever I try to make a campaign using the campaign tools I just get a white web page with this error message, I have tried to make campaigns on both google chrome and edge neither worked. Small update, tried making a underhive campaign to see if...
  15. naztek

    Bug Underhive Tools won't progress to next step

    Hey there, I'm running into an issue trying out the Underhive tools for the first time. The following error presents itself each time I try to submit a change. Be it a gang creation, adding a gang member, or editing said gang member. The task completes, but instead of moving to the next screen...
  16. SirFrog

    Bug Website banner on high-resolution screens

    Hi, it seems like the TribeMeat banner gets a bit wonky when using screens with larger resolution, see attached picture. It seems like the image is drawn to the side rather than above or below the banner, as you might expect. EDIT: Resolution is 2560x1440, running Firefox on Ubuntu.
  17. C

    Bug Gang Manager bug with 2x pistols

    Yo! The tools here are great, much kudos to the developers. Just a very specific bug to report. When you purchase two identical pistols for a model (this happened with a champion and a ganger, Orlock gang) it is listed as Autopistol x2, or Stub Gun x2. Then, when you add this to a loadout...
  18. Devilmixer

    Bug Cawdor grenades

    I cant see the followning grenades on the trading post as cawdor, Blasting charges, demo charges and photon flash flares
  19. E

    NCE Bugged, Cant remove weapon

    I cant remove my Long Rifle from my ganger. https://yaktribe.games/underhive/ganger/hezloc.168950/ I cant find it under hit load out. Halp! ps. might have chosen wrong prefix. Dunno what it means
  20. ten_kage

    Bug Adding weapon to ganger from stash

    Hi all, I do not understand how to add equipment from the stash to a ganger card. When I hopen the "equipment" section of the ganger I only have the option to equip or bui equipment from their starting list. In the specific case I have bought a sword at the trading post and it is now in my...