1. naztek


    The various gangs of Ashgate start challenging each other for territory, while keeping the guilders on their toes.
  2. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 3 1

    This was a quick cycle due to there being only 3 remaining territories to claim. 3 Decisive fights later and the downtime cycle begun, but almost all the gangs participated in a multiplayer special side battle.
  3. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 2 2

    In the second cycle of this Dominion campaign, territorial skirmishes got violent. Many fighters died for their gangs and the rogue docs were kept busy. One gang in particular, kept their momentum going and rose to a clear vantage of dominance. There are only 3 territories still to claim in what...
  4. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 0 1

    Season 1 of my Ashgate campaign fizzled out near the end as one gang catapulted ahead while life got in the way for other players. But I've got the band back together again, and we are keen to try something new. A Dominion campaign is on the horizon and I think the guilders of Ashgate are a...
  5. naztek


    A little late, but here is the fourth and final bulletin for the Ashgate campaign. There was a 5th cycle, but no bulletin was made for it and the campaign fizzled soon after.
  6. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE BULLETIN CYCLE 3 2018-03-09

    The merchant guild reports in on the state of the gang violence around Ashgate following the third cycle.
  7. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE BULLETIN CYCLE 2 2018-02-12

    As the second cycle of the Ashgate campaign wraps up, the merchant guild publishes a bulletin outlining the escalating gang violence.
  8. naztek

    N17 Ashgate Bulletin Cycle 1 1.0

    The first cycle is done and as the dust settles, the merchant guild issues a bulletin to their members in the settlement of Ashgate, warning of the gang violence and making a note of the gangs involved.