campaign manager

  1. Lillithiea

    N17 Necromunda Campaign Workbook (beta) 1.0

    This workbook is designed to help players keep track of their gang's progress when playing campaigns. There are three sections to this workbook: Character Sheets, Territory sheets, and Game sheets. The Character sheets are designed for gangers who have a lot of stuff and goings on. Did your...
  2. Simon Lintott

    Necromunda Campaign Editing

    Hi there, I can't seem to find a way to edit a campaign name or description. Is this possible? If not, could it be made to be possible? Also - How do I exit a campaign? I've got a load of old campaigns on my list which I'm no longer part of and would prefer to clear this list up. Many thanks!
  3. R

    Question re hiring fired bounty hunters

    hi all where can you find fired bounty hunters etc to re add? When you fore them it says that they will now be available to rehire in the campaign. But where do they go and how do you re hire?
  4. MagicTsan

    Bug Campaign manager "Invalid session"

    We are a group who just started using the campaign manager and have run into a problem. We have created the campaign a few days ago and added all the gangs + a few battles.Today we wanted to add our kickoff scenario for completion. Non of the admins are allowed to create a fight or delete the...
  5. Petitioner's City

    Necromunda Custom Stats and Injuries I create are present unintentionally in friend's campaigns - creating issues for all players

    I had some issues yesterday with customise in the Gang Manager; it's had some issues affecting friends and I really hope I can do custom things without them appearing in my friend's campaigns where they mess things up. @Malo, I am just being dumb here? So yesterday, I was creating custom...
  6. I

    Bug Cant make a new campaign

    (old necromunda if that makes a difference) whenever I try to make a campaign using the campaign tools I just get a white web page with this error message, I have tried to make campaigns on both google chrome and edge neither worked. Small update, tried making a underhive campaign to see if...
  7. A

    Bug Unable to create Underhive Campaign Event

    I did a search but I can't find anything more recent than 2014 mentioning the issue I'm having. When attempting to create a Campaign Event for an Underhive campaign I am unable to submit the entry. I am a campaign Admin, and currently the only member. The checkbox responds to mouse hover, and...
  8. makinote

    Question Campaign Manager features?

    Hi there Is there any list or documentation about the Campaign Manager features? I'm trying to evaluate what is automated and what it is not using the Campaign Manager and I miss some basic features like this one but don't know if the problem is that I'm not using it correctly. Thx :)
  9. Z

    Suggestion Dominion Territory Reputation

    Since most, if not all of the Dominion Campaign territories grant the owning gang Reputation as long as they control them, would it be possible to link the territories a gang controls in the campaign Manager to automatically update the territory rep into the gang rep? Since there is already a...