campaign rules

  1. Commissariat

    N18 Yaktribe Campaign System (Where we translate the old school feel to the modern game)

    Hello! A lot of folks, including myself, really enjoy the gritty/granular feel of the ORB/NCE campaign system. It feels dark, scrappy, and like you're a bunch of civilians trying to stay afloat. N18 doesn't really have that feel. Sure models effectively die 1/6 of the time if you don't have...
  2. Dertrend

    N18 Into the Breach - Alternate campaign system.

    Into the Breach - Necromunda Campaign A recent hive quake has uncovered a passage to a long forgotten section of the Underhive. The news of the recent discovery has led to a rush of prospectors, archaeo hunters and opportunists seeking their fortune. This section of hive is significantly...
  3. B

    N18 Alternative campaign and advancement

    So, N18 is here, and I think it takes care most of the big issues from last year. The campaign part, though, lags behind. Here are some tweaks I've had on the sketchboard for a while. They are meant as alternative core mechanics mainly for campaigns with long time perspective, and to change...