campaign system

  1. MancInventor

    NCE Tribemeet 2019 Campaign Pack 2019-03-20

    Campaign book containing rules for Necromunda Vehicles, the Preacher hired gun and special characters Olex Quinto and Angelique D'Alessandro. Also a unique campaign framework covering a fight for survival against starvation and a whole load of background fluff. Enjoy. P.S. Please be aware...
  2. D

    Adapting Old campaigns to N18

    Just wondering anyone has tried adapting some of the older campaign in the vault to N18. wanting to know if it is fairly easy or if it required a lot of work asking due to the fact that I want to run the Chaos Gate campaign but in a N18 setting rather than classic Necromunda
  3. Draconic


    Hi Fellow Yakkers i would like to draw on your vast experience with running logistics in an NCE campaign please. So far our play group has had one campaign (thats still barely running). There is no Arbitrator, no rules other than whats in the NCE and OCE, and no end point. It bugs me a bit but...
  4. hreikin

    Shadow War : Armageddon - Campaign System Overhaul 0.2

    The Shadow War : Armageddon - Campaign System Overhaul has been designed to give a little more depth to the campaign system while still keeping the same streamlined approach. Replace the pre-existing campaign system with this document, it is very similar but also has some minor and major...
  5. Insurgent

    The merging is complete!

    LET'S BUILD A HYBRID CAMPAIGN SYSTEM. GO! So now that we know 100% that SWA and Necromunda are clone systems we can begin to use material from both systems interchangeably and learn from the large body of community built expansions like Inquisimunda and Ash Wastes. This pretty opens up the...