1. E

    N18 Starting a Newbie Campaign with 2019 Comprehensive Rulebook PDF, need some guidance

    By golly gosh, fellow hivescum, might I say what a gloriously disugsting day it is down here in the sump! So I got hard into Necro 18 when it first released and ran a few campaigns with a core group over 2018-20 - but then pandemic, had to move, yada yada, so am now starting a new campaign in...
  2. U

    N18 [Escher] How to spend 333 credits?

    The core gang is a solid mix of ranged and melee (9 models, no Death Maiden). We're about to enter the takeover phase in the campaign and I've managed to save up a good chunk of money. I am very comfortable playing them and as a result I'm currently in the lead. How would you spend 333 credits...
  3. ImmortalJay

    New GSC gang - can you check all ok?

    Hey everyone, can you check this gang is ok? Just want to know if it is legal. Don't need too much advice on changing stuff as I already made a lot of the models... so no third arms unfortunately. Like I said, just want to know if I'm breaking any rules for an upcoming campaign. Cheers...
  4. A

    N18 Badzone Enforcers next campaign advice

    My local group just finished our first Necromnda campaign and will be starting a new one in a month or so. Here is the starting list I used in the previous campaign (we went for 1200 starting credits rather than 1000). 195 Captain, Concussion Carbine, Shock Stave Mesh Armour, Got your six 170...
  5. G

    The Return to Chempoint Forge - terrain and campaign showcase

    Hi! I have been working on this terrain and custom campaign for my local gaming group for the past 5-6 months. I finally finished it! The terrain is now at the FLGS and the campaign starts this week. The campaign is set inside a ancient, unforgotten Badzone called "Chempoint Forge" for which...
  6. I

    N18 Delaque Starting Campaign

    Hi all! Sorry but its another Delaque list on here hope you can help!! New to the game so would love some input , going to be going into a campaign with at least 6 other players and we are starting at 1000 so would love to hear any critique and suggestions. Yaktribe Gang The mechanics I really...
  7. T

    N18 Venator gang advice for campaign

    1,000 point Venators advice Hey folks, Firstly, I hope I added the right prefix. I guess I am meaning the most up to date rules, but probably not home brew stuff. I have made up a 1,000 point Venator list for our coming campaign, and want to know what people think of it? Their primary skills...
  8. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: Campaign organisation

    My group has been testing a pseudo 'eternal' campaign system for a few campaigns by now and I wanted to share what we came up with. Sadly I did not have the time to put up a proper document due to time constraints, but I wanted to share key features and ask your opinion on them. The goal of the...
  9. smelly butt face

    Wrecker Jump Boosters & Campaigns

    Hey all, If a Wrecker is killed in a campaign, does his jump booster go into the gang's Stash or is it just lost? Cheers
  10. JawRippa

    Radical YCE: Advancement system

    I've made a draft for the reworked Advancement system. It is supposed to unify costs of fighters and make progression of Ganger->Champion->Leader natural and consistent. It is meant to be compatible with modern Necromunda system in terms of XP costs. Also it takes heavy inspiration from the way...
  11. smelly butt face

    N18 Current Orlock Credit Costs?

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to Necromunda and I was wondering if there is a place that has all the current up-to-date credit costs for things. The reason I am asking is because I am trying to build a starting roster for my Orlock gang and I noticed that the Hive War Rulebook seems to have different...
  12. P

    N18 Escher Campaign start tips

    Hey all I want to know if somebody has some tips regarding my Escher starting gang. I know there's another thread going around right now, but it looks like I kind of want to take my gang in a different direction (a lot more melee oriented). Tips and tricks on how to play Escher are also welcome...
  13. Petitioner's City

    N17 N/A 1.0

    Please delete!
  14. M

    N18 How do you handle player challenges and scheduling in a campaign?

    My group is getting closer to starting a new campaign after our last one fizzled out pre-pandemic. One of the main factors our last attempt fell apart was the difficulty of issuing and receiving challenges, and the scheduling problems that could arise from it. We’re running a combined Dominion...
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    Day I
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    Day 1
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    Day one
  18. A

    Salty A F

    So I'm pissed off, lost a game against a newb because I had to leave to catch a bus after 2 and a half hours of playing. Turns out all people have to do to get a free win against me is stall knowing I'm on a timer. This is bs
  19. daKing

    N18 First Orlock Gang!

    Looking for comments on my first Orlock gang! I’m about to start a two person campaign against Cawdor with the focus being on fun balanced games. It stops being fun real quick if one person runs away with the campaign. My goals for the first half of the campaign will be to get an Ammo...
  20. L

    N18 Meat Price!

    Hello everyone we are playing Dark Uprising, can anyone tell me if the meat is available at the marketplace and at what price? Thank you