1. S

    N18 Current Orlock Credit Costs?

    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to Necromunda and I was wondering if there is a place that has all the current up-to-date credit costs for things. The reason I am asking is because I am trying to build a starting roster for my Orlock gang and I noticed that the Hive War Rulebook seems to have different...
  2. P

    N18 Escher Campaign start tips

    Hey all I want to know if somebody has some tips regarding my Escher starting gang. I know there's another thread going around right now, but it looks like I kind of want to take my gang in a different direction (a lot more melee oriented). Tips and tricks on how to play Escher are also welcome...
  3. Petitioner's City

    N17 N/A 1.0

    Please delete!
  4. M

    N18 How do you handle player challenges and scheduling in a campaign?

    My group is getting closer to starting a new campaign after our last one fizzled out pre-pandemic. One of the main factors our last attempt fell apart was the difficulty of issuing and receiving challenges, and the scheduling problems that could arise from it. We’re running a combined Dominion...
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    Day I
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    Day 1
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    Day one
  8. A

    Salty A F

    So I'm pissed off, lost a game against a newb because I had to leave to catch a bus after 2 and a half hours of playing. Turns out all people have to do to get a free win against me is stall knowing I'm on a timer. This is bs
  9. daKing

    N18 First Orlock Gang!

    Looking for comments on my first Orlock gang! I’m about to start a two person campaign against Cawdor with the focus being on fun balanced games. It stops being fun real quick if one person runs away with the campaign. My goals for the first half of the campaign will be to get an Ammo...
  10. L

    N18 Meat Price!

    Hello everyone we are playing Dark Uprising, can anyone tell me if the meat is available at the marketplace and at what price? Thank you
  11. D

    N18 I Created an AI for playing Necromunda/Skirmish Games Solo. The Abominable Intelligence! CC Needed.

    Hello scummers! Skirmish games are fun, but COVID and general laziness are powerful opponents. I've played board/skirmish games before that include some type of solo mode used with behavior tables. This is an attempt to create this kind of solo gameplay experience for Necromunda, as a full-on...
  12. P

    N18 Van Saar starting campaign list

    My local store is going to run a Necromunda campaign soon. I love the lore of the Van Saar and am going to play them in the campaign. Here is my idea for the starting gang list. Prime - Plasma Pistol/Laspistol - Mesh Armor skill - Overlord Augmek - Multi Melta - Mesh Armor...
  13. ten_kage

    N18 Enforcers as a "neutral" element and how to balance them

    Hey everybody! Due to the lockdown restrictions that still affects my country, I have resorted to start a 2 Player campaign with my brother. We play on a map that is composed of 12 territories, including the 2 gangs' hideout. We decided, to spice up the thing a bit, to have a patrol of...
  14. Seraphin's Sisterhood HoB CC

    Seraphin's Sisterhood HoB CC

    Campagin Starting Gang
  15. M

    N18 Advice on Van Saar tactics against Delaque?

    Hello! I have recently started playing my first Necromunda campaign, and will be playing my second game on Sunday. The first game was against House Orlock, which I won on account of my opponents really, really, really crappy rolls (as in after four turns of shooting, he had managed to hit a...
  16. V

    N18 Veldon's Sumpy Campaign and House Rules. Personal desperate attempt at structuring the n18 mess.

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker here, first time posting. I'd like to thank this amazing community and it's many discussions around everything necromunda. I particularly enjoy posts by the likes of Thorgor and TopsyKretts (and many others) as they have helped my wrap my head around some of the...
  17. Dertrend

    N18 Insurrection Campaign

    This is a shameless plug for a campaign system I have been working on with custom phases, territories and scenarios. I have finally pieced it all together and would be interested to hear what the community think. Insurrection Campaign Unrest is common in the depths of the hive and is...
  18. M

    N18 Dominion Campaign & Gangs joining later in the campaign

    Hi there! Me and a bunch of friends recently started a dominion campaign, with slightly altered rules. We played almost no n17/18/19 until now, so most of our experience is theoretical. Our houserules include: o Territorys: Each battle is fought over a random territory drawn from the pile...
  19. alexflagg

    N18 Law & Misrule Racket Resource now on Google Sheets

    Hey Yaks! I have created an interactive Google Sheet to run Law and Misrule Rackets as well as gangs, since Malo hadn't folded Rackets into the Campaign Manager. I literally just finished making this bad boy...only to discover he rolled out Rackets on Sunday *lolsob* Well, at least I learned a...
  20. sumpthing

    N18 The Hallowed cawdor gang progress

    Morning yakkers, I've had my first two games with my fresh cawdor gang and thought I'd share some learnings... i started with: Leader - Thorne - mesh armour, stub pistol and 2 handed hammer Champ - Ygorr - mesh armour, heavy stubber Ganger - Edgurr - mesh armour, reclaimed autgun Ganger -...