1. D

    The Fall of Baalrakorth - Berlin summer 19 Vanguard campaign

    Here comes The Vanguard Summer '19 campaign in Berlin, Germany! Campaign intro: A tale of Rordin the Dragonslayer Countless heroes tried to sneak into the vast kingdom that was under Baalrakorth’s domination, but none came back to tell their story. After many years, the old dragon became the...
  2. Campaign Map after 2 games.jpg

    Campaign Map after 2 games.jpg

    campaign map after the first 2 matches (Dave's Orlocks vs Joe's Escher, Dave's Orlocks vs. Gene's Delaques)
  3. Loriel

    Necromunda Campaign: Spire of Babel

    SPIRE OF BABEL INTRODUCTION Spire of Babel is ancient dome that has collapsed. Its ruins harbors vile creatures and wretched dwellers, who doesn't care about the Guilders laws. Sometimes house gangs attempt to establish permanent foothold in the wild Babel, but time after time Babel has proven...
  4. V

    N17 Have a look at my list? (Van Saar)

    I think I am going with this list to start a campaign. I wanted to go for 7-8 fighters, and was able to get 8. I don't think the pistol Champ with Gunslinger is optimal because of the short range of pistols, but I just think she's cool. Impressions? I'll be fighting Escher and Goliath. Thanks...
  5. M

    N18 Starter/Dominion Goliath Gang

    I am brand new to Necromunda, but am potentially going to take part in a Dominion campaign shortly. I have chosen Goliath as my gang of choice due to the "rule of cool"! I am currently in the process of modeling up and deciding upon a starting gang. As such, not having played a single game of...
  6. Dertrend

    N18 Into the Breach - Alternate campaign system.

    Into the Breach - Necromunda Campaign A recent hive quake has uncovered a passage to a long forgotten section of the Underhive. The news of the recent discovery has led to a rush of prospectors, archaeo hunters and opportunists seeking their fortune. This section of hive is significantly...
  7. A

    Bug Unable to create Underhive Campaign Event

    I did a search but I can't find anything more recent than 2014 mentioning the issue I'm having. When attempting to create a Campaign Event for an Underhive campaign I am unable to submit the entry. I am a campaign Admin, and currently the only member. The checkbox responds to mouse hover, and...
  8. Aulenback

    "Mordheim Staff League" 2019-03-14

    A look at how Prinien and company ran their own Mordheim campaign at GW, published in White Dwarf, January 2001, but outside the Town Cryer in that issue.
  9. S

    N18 Delaque List Feedback

    Hi guys, Here I come with a new Delaque List for a dominion's campaign, I don't think it's overpowered and it may be fun to play with (against I am not sure about that). I really want to play wysiwig before the incoming of FW weapon. Yop Lait Leader : 175 -Stiletto Knife -Flechette Pistol...
  10. Jacob Dryearth

    Necromunda Queen's Dome Turf Wars 3: Outbreak in Ornelius

    Found here will be the campaign log for the 3rd Queen's Dome Turf War, which is actually a Dominion campaign. I will post fiction, battle reports, pictures etc. The amount of content depends on the amount shared by the participants. Ten gangs are fighting over recently vacated territory, as the...
  11. E

    Suggestion New players /users introduction thread

    We should have a thread for new players/users to introduce themselves and look for players/ clubs in their local area. I’ve recently relocated and starting to look for games and players in my area, however it’s very difficult without Facebook. A thread would be a good way for new users to...
  12. D

    Adapting Old campaigns to N18

    Just wondering anyone has tried adapting some of the older campaign in the vault to N18. wanting to know if it is fairly easy or if it required a lot of work asking due to the fact that I want to run the Chaos Gate campaign but in a N18 setting rather than classic Necromunda
  13. L

    N18 Orlock Noobie Campaign Startup

    Hai Everybody \o/ I am new to Necromunda and was invited by some friends to play in a campaign. I have chosen to go with the Orlock and after some reading, this is what I have come up with for a startup campaign list. Leader: (Savvy Trader) Bolter w/telescopic sight, Autopistol Champion...
  14. K

    N18 Starter Gang - Cawdor

    Just putting the final touches on my Cawdor gang for a league starting tomorrow As a foreword, this list is built around Smoke grenades for advantage, and assumes that you can shoot flamers into/out of smoke clouds, and you can move out of smoke clouds into 2" versatile range and attack...
  15. Oar locks

    N18 Off-week campaign games

    My bi-weekly campaign just started up with 8 people and I want to reward people for playing more games, but not so much that they dominate people who didn't. My thought was to not allow any pre or post game rewards, just the mission rewards and lasting injury rolls. What do you guys do when...
  16. FlatMattie

    N18 Boss fight

    I've been toying around with an idea for a way to shake up a campaign half way through, the idea is that once a gang has some tough fighters with good gear they can send a small group of their hardiest fighters to take on the equivalent of a boss fight from an RPG computer game (final fantasy...
  17. P

    New Dominion campaign - Reading, UK. Recruitment for March 2019

    Hi my name's Dave J. If you're a gamer from Reading, Berkshire we may have bumped into eachother already. My group (now at 3 regulars) will be doing the takeover phase of a campaign between January and March. This means I will start a new campaign with new / splinter gangs only from March. This...
  18. I

    The Battle for Boretown

    Back after a long hiatus from posting, I’m finally gearing up to run a Necromunda ‘17 campaign. Now that the core rules are all out, I’ve got my Warhammer quest group starting Necromunda. Three non-wargamers and two veterans should be an interesting mix, I’m hoping things go smoothly, though I’m...
  19. M

    N17 Campaign NPCs and Hangers-On WIP

    This project started out with two goals- making an Uphive Agent and a set of bystanders for Down-Town Dustup- but spiraled out of control, partly because I realized getting stub guns for WYSIWYG townies would be difficult and the Orlock arms are a bit annoying to fit to other torsos. It’ll still...
  20. naztek

    N17 ASHGATE Season 2 - Bulletin 1 1

    It was the busiest campaign start I've been a part of with 7 games played over the first week. All players are keen still and are eager for Cycle 2.