1. M

    N18 Advice on Van Saar tactics against Delaque?

    Hello! I have recently started playing my first Necromunda campaign, and will be playing my second game on Sunday. The first game was against House Orlock, which I won on account of my opponents really, really, really crappy rolls (as in after four turns of shooting, he had managed to hit a...
  2. V

    N18 Veldon's Sumpy Campaign and House Rules. Personal desperate attempt at structuring the n18 mess.

    Hello everyone. Long time lurker here, first time posting. I'd like to thank this amazing community and it's many discussions around everything necromunda. I particularly enjoy posts by the likes of Thorgor and TopsyKretts (and many others) as they have helped my wrap my head around some of the...
  3. Dertrend

    N18 Insurrection Campaign

    This is a shameless plug for a campaign system I have been working on with custom phases, territories and scenarios. I have finally pieced it all together and would be interested to hear what the community think. Insurrection Campaign Unrest is common in the depths of the hive and is...
  4. M

    N18 Dominion Campaign & Gangs joining later in the campaign

    Hi there! Me and a bunch of friends recently started a dominion campaign, with slightly altered rules. We played almost no n17/18/19 until now, so most of our experience is theoretical. Our houserules include: o Territorys: Each battle is fought over a random territory drawn from the pile...
  5. alexflagg

    N18 Law & Misrule Racket Resource now on Google Sheets

    Hey Yaks! I have created an interactive Google Sheet to run Law and Misrule Rackets as well as gangs, since Malo hadn't folded Rackets into the Campaign Manager. I literally just finished making this bad boy...only to discover he rolled out Rackets on Sunday *lolsob* Well, at least I learned a...
  6. sumpthing

    N18 The Hallowed cawdor gang progress

    Morning yakkers, I've had my first two games with my fresh cawdor gang and thought I'd share some learnings... i started with: Leader - Thorne - mesh armour, stub pistol and 2 handed hammer Champ - Ygorr - mesh armour, heavy stubber Ganger - Edgurr - mesh armour, reclaimed autgun Ganger -...
  7. 2

    N17 Desperation Campaign 1.12

    The Lost City of Atlantarse sunk into the Underhive millenia ago and great treasures along with it. During a time of great poverty, the Clan Houses have sent the best scummers they could muster into the depths to discover these lost riches and bring them back to Hive City. This campaign...
  8. GraaEminense

    N18 The Complete Campaign?

    Has anyone yet done the work of compiling the various campaigns and optional rules into a single system? I'm considering writing everything into a single "campaign document" for our next campaign and want to include as much as possible, but just slotting everything into a Dominion or Misrule...
  9. prewarsalad

    INQ28 Campaign anyone?

    Hi all! I have just comeback from Manky meet and absolutely loved the weekend of dedicated, narrative gaming. I was putting out my feelers with this thread to see if people would be interested in doing something similar with INQ28. I would be looking to do it in the North of England and wanted...
  10. D

    The Fall of Baalrakorth - Berlin summer 19 Vanguard campaign

    Here comes The Vanguard Summer '19 campaign in Berlin, Germany! Campaign intro: A tale of Rordin the Dragonslayer Countless heroes tried to sneak into the vast kingdom that was under Baalrakorth’s domination, but none came back to tell their story. After many years, the old dragon became the...
  11. Campaign Map after 2 games.jpg

    Campaign Map after 2 games.jpg

    campaign map after the first 2 matches (Dave's Orlocks vs Joe's Escher, Dave's Orlocks vs. Gene's Delaques)
  12. Loriel

    Necromunda Campaign: Spire of Babel

    SPIRE OF BABEL INTRODUCTION Spire of Babel is ancient dome that has collapsed. Its ruins harbors vile creatures and wretched dwellers, who doesn't care about the Guilders laws. Sometimes house gangs attempt to establish permanent foothold in the wild Babel, but time after time Babel has proven...
  13. V

    Have a look at my list? (Van Saar)

    I think I am going with this list to start a campaign. I wanted to go for 7-8 fighters, and was able to get 8. I don't think the pistol Champ with Gunslinger is optimal because of the short range of pistols, but I just think she's cool. Impressions? I'll be fighting Escher and Goliath. Thanks...
  14. M

    N18 Starter/Dominion Goliath Gang

    I am brand new to Necromunda, but am potentially going to take part in a Dominion campaign shortly. I have chosen Goliath as my gang of choice due to the "rule of cool"! I am currently in the process of modeling up and deciding upon a starting gang. As such, not having played a single game of...
  15. Dertrend

    N18 Into the Breach - Alternate campaign system.

    Into the Breach - Necromunda Campaign A recent hive quake has uncovered a passage to a long forgotten section of the Underhive. The news of the recent discovery has led to a rush of prospectors, archaeo hunters and opportunists seeking their fortune. This section of hive is significantly...
  16. A

    Bug Unable to create Underhive Campaign Event

    I did a search but I can't find anything more recent than 2014 mentioning the issue I'm having. When attempting to create a Campaign Event for an Underhive campaign I am unable to submit the entry. I am a campaign Admin, and currently the only member. The checkbox responds to mouse hover, and...
  17. Aulenback

    "Mordheim Staff League" 2019-03-14

    A look at how Prinien and company ran their own Mordheim campaign at GW, published in White Dwarf, January 2001, but outside the Town Cryer in that issue.
  18. S

    N18 Delaque List Feedback

    Hi guys, Here I come with a new Delaque List for a dominion's campaign, I don't think it's overpowered and it may be fun to play with (against I am not sure about that). I really want to play wysiwig before the incoming of FW weapon. Yop Lait Leader : 175 -Stiletto Knife -Flechette Pistol...
  19. Jacob Dryearth

    Necromunda Queen's Dome Turf Wars 3: Outbreak in Ornelius

    Found here will be the campaign log for the 3rd Queen's Dome Turf War, which is actually a Dominion campaign. I will post fiction, battle reports, pictures etc. The amount of content depends on the amount shared by the participants. Ten gangs are fighting over recently vacated territory, as the...
  20. E

    Suggestion New players /users introduction thread

    We should have a thread for new players/users to introduce themselves and look for players/ clubs in their local area. I’ve recently relocated and starting to look for games and players in my area, however it’s very difficult without Facebook. A thread would be a good way for new users to...