catachan jungle fighters

  1. IMG_20200923_183754014.jpg


    Converted orlocks
  2. IMG_20200923_183741299.jpg


    My old Catachan jungle fighter conversions from when I was 14. two orlock specialists
  3. Dalia

    N17 Catachan Gang 2018-03-17

    Catachan gang for people who like jungle. First page of the Catachan Gang by Dalia posted Mar 17, 2018 at 4:09 PM
  4. Wyrd Yankovic

    Wyrd Yankovic

    My leader. Colonel Straken, as most of you will probably recognise. I'm dreading doing the eyes. Also not happy with the shotgun yet. Quite liking the arm but could be better I think. Will go over the skull with a yellowish wash and see how that looks
  5. Cook


    A heavy. Quite happy with how the flamer is looking so far. Unsure how to proceed with the main body of it.
  6. Mephestus


    A juve
  7. Einstein


    A ganger
  8. Ignatius


    A juve. The lasgun is a club for now ;) Lasgun and knife still need finishing and he's obviously filthy, as he needs a good wash.
  9. Hux


    A juve. Not sure how to finish the autopistol barrel. Black, silver, grey... :)
  10. Guinness


    Not technically in the gang (yet :D)
  11. Poe


    A ganger. Not sure if to leave the bracers black and drybrush or to go for a leather look. Might just do one in a brown to see.
  12. Herschbach


    A stand-in juve as I ran out of models. Who thought a belt buckle was a good idea on 28mm models?!!?
  13. Cooper


    A ganger. The leader of the gang until the Colonel Straken mini arrived :) I really like the highlight on his jacket, don't know why! I also achieved pretty much what I intended with the sword (black with the blade metallic), and will repeat with all the other models.
  14. Blackwood


    A ganger. When I'm done, ALL the lasguns, just undercoated or already greyed up a little, will be urban camo like the combats.