cawdor conversion

  1. 5d51a3ea-7751-4999-9f9f-2647a9d2165e.jpg


    Sister Amy the ambot
  2. oldcawdorpbp.jpg


    Old Cawdor repainted for new fights!
  3. Rat Santa.jpg

    Rat Santa.jpg

    Redemptionnist deacon with a grenade launcher and his Cherub-Servitor
  4. Short Circuit.jpg

    Short Circuit.jpg

    Ambot, with a litle conversion on the top (canddles)
  5. Shielderock.jpg


    Bonepicker with a maul and a reclaimed Autogun
  6. Pistolero.jpg


    Deacon with two reclaimed autopistols
  7. Hameln.jpg


    Cawdor brethern with bomb delivery rats, stub gun and reclaimed Autogun
  8. Emperor's children.jpg

    Emperor's children.jpg

    My gang of Empero's children after one battle, 1250 créditss for the first battle, i haded a giant rat after wining the first one
  9. Elam the Martyr.jpg

    Elam the Martyr.jpg

    Cawdor Word-keeper with great sword, reclaimed autopistol and his giant rat friend
  10. sheen_stigs.jpg


  11. ogryn_deacon.jpg


  12. fgcultists_cawdor.jpg


  13. undead_cawdor.jpg


  14. cawdor_carts.jpg


  15. B

    Necromunda Hive Mechaniscum

    For some reason I'm really into taking normal 40k models and bashing them with Necromunda gangs. My first attempt was the Blade Sisters (Escher + Sororatas) and here's my second - the Hive Mechaniscum* (Cawdor + AdMech): Tech-priest Dominus + Cawdor Skitarii Marshal + Cawdor...
  16. Oojamaflip13

    The Sisters of Mercy - Cawdor gang

    Hi all! I've finally completed my Cawdor gang, "Die Barmherzigen Schwestern" or "The Sisters of Mercy!" They took me about 4 weeks in total, from securing the parts, building and converting, greenstuffing and painting (including a session until 2:30 the night before a tournament in order to get...
  17. Redemptor Priest & Cherub

    Redemptor Priest & Cherub

    Redemptor Priest, Mutter Oberin Patrizia Eldritch, is a failed aspirant of the Adepta Sororitas convent based on Necromunda. Fleeing the convent in disgrace, stealing a chainsword in the process, she recited the vow of penitence as she fled, hoping to die slaying the scum of the Underhive.
  18. Redemptor Priest & Cherub rear

    Redemptor Priest & Cherub rear

  19. Deacon


    Diakonin Eloise joined Patrizia's crusade against the unclean, taking the vow of penitence as once did her beloved Mother Superior. She now has a personal vendetta against Fraggenstein, Forge Tyrant of the Goliath crew the Bullkroks, as they both seek a glorious death at the hands of an enemy.
  20. Deacon rear

    Deacon rear