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  9. The Reaper

    The Reaper

    Close Combat Cawdor Champ with pole arm or great sword
  10. Banner of the Gallowshrine Faithful

    Banner of the Gallowshrine Faithful

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    Cawdor Juve
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  13. Robbin da Hood

    Robbin da Hood

    Starter roster pic
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  16. H

    Question Cawdor Prospects not appearing in gang creation

    Hey, as the title suggests, I'm a little lost how to add the (relatively new, released earlier this year) cawdor prospects, the Way-Brethren with the walkers to my list. I don't see the wargear options anywhere and feel like I may be missing something. Any help is appreciated!
  17. Robbin da Hood

    Robbin da Hood

  18. T

    N18 Cawdor with Stig Shambler Start

    As per new rules, I'm entertaining the idea of Cawdor Gangs that would start with a Stig Shambler from the start. I don't think I would ever play with the below list but just asking around if its feasable to sink this much credits at the start (since champions usually take a chunk out of initial...
  19. Brethren of the Muridae-1

    Brethren of the Muridae-1

    Brethren of the Muridae-1
  20. Morsla

    Necromunda House Cawdor Ridgerunner vehicle

    Hi! New to these forums (and pretty new to the current edition), but I'm having a lot of fun building Ash Wastes vehicles and mounts for all the gangs on my desk at the moment... I thought I'd share some current work in progress, as I build a Ridgerunner to give my Cawdor gang a bit more speed...