1. Cawdor Ridgerunner 03.png

    Cawdor Ridgerunner 03.png

    More candles added, and some additional weathering.
  2. Cawdor Ridgerunner 02.png

    Cawdor Ridgerunner 02.png

    Front view, early WIP of a Cawdor Ridgerunner - adding a gibbet and some candles to the front of the vehicle.
  3. Cawdor Ridgerunner 01.png

    Cawdor Ridgerunner 01.png

    Cawdor Ridgerunner - rear view of modified transport bed
  4. D

    N18 Cawdor Ridge runners

    I'm trying to figure out how to add those Cawdor Chicken walker things to my list on Yaktribe. Any help/suggestions?
  5. Dodgy_beards_inprog.jpg


  6. Cawdor_trolls_Aug23_inprog.jpg


  7. C

    N18 Question about bomb delivery rats and a scatter dice

    Hi, I have a question about bomb delivery rats. I deploy rat and fail a int test then i roll a hit mark on a scatter dice. My question is the rat doesn't move anywere and explode because it's 1" near friendly fighter or it move in the direction i previously choose or something else happen?
  8. cawdor_trolls_inprog7.jpg


  9. cawdor_trolls_inprog6.jpg


  10. Cmarler

    N18 Cherub Servitors Bodyguard rule.

    Rules as written, the cherub can be allow to take the hits from ranged fire as long as it is within 2" of it's owner. Does this still work if the cherub is pinned or seriously injured? Also if someone if someone is shooting multiple pistols at you do you take both hits at once or allocate them...
  11. The Daily Starch page 2 phase1.jpg

    The Daily Starch page 2 phase1.jpg

    Page 2 of the Daily Starch Free Rat care course, horror of the underhive warning, beauty tips from the Escher.
  12. Trolls_cawdor_alliances_inprog.jpg


  13. Sump City Crusade

    N18 Article of faith combos

    Hey, reading the book Of faith i found that to me it looks like some articles can make pretty decent combos. Like these: Dropping this article and then rushing forward gunz blazing: "Whilst this Article of Faith is in effect, this fighter ignores the effects of being Seriously Injured and...
  14. Robot Magpie (Morgaine Delacourt).png

    Robot Magpie (Morgaine Delacourt).png

    Gang image for The Magpies
  15. cawdor_trolls_inprog5.jpg


  16. VNHwrlfsCCNx9Rqh.jpg


  17. R

    Question Cawdor Help

    Working on crafting up a test Cawdor gang, and I don't see a way to add Exterminators to weapons (such as a shotgun or a chainaxe) in the gang manager. How do you do this?
  18. 26e90941123581a43856cd687ba02a2e.jpg


    Cawdor image
  19. cawdor_trolls_inprog1.jpg


  20. cawdor_trolls_inprog3.jpg