chaos cult

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    The Severed 001
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    Propagandisti, Chaos gang
  3. Witch Activity

    Witch Activity

    Members of the Shade Beasts supported by a Witch during a fierce firefight in the depths of the Underhive.
  4. julezwr

    White Dwarf Enquiry...

    In one of the early to mid 2000's white dwarf there was an article about a scenario with a heavily kit bashed imperial guard kill team that were all dressed in black, meant to be like navy seals/special op... the scenario was this kill team vs a chaos cult that were trying to summon a demon...
  5. AidFull88

    N18 Chaos Helot Cult Questions

    The Book of Ruin states “A Cult Witch starts with one skill chosen from their Primary skill sets and the Non-sanctioned Psyker skill.” The Book of the Outcast states “Unless otherwise specified, all fighters with the non-sanctioned psyker special rule start with a single Wyrd power, either from...
  6. Ganger Club 2

    Ganger Club 2

  7. Ganger Club 1

    Ganger Club 1

  8. Ganger Autogun 2

    Ganger Autogun 2

  9. Ganger Autogun 1

    Ganger Autogun 1

  10. Ganger Fléau

    Ganger Fléau

  11. Disciple LF

    Disciple LF

  12. Disciple


  13. Demagogue


  14. Falque


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    Disciple for The Cult of the Sump Mother and entry for the Yakcomp 39: “secret society”
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    Disciple for The Cult of the Sump Mother and entry for the Yakcomp 39: "Secret Society” WIP
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    Chaos Cultist
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  20. SawBones