chaos cultists

  1. IMG_20210622_124829.jpg


    Chaos Helots Necromunda Boss, Witch and Familiars
  2. Dark Vengeance Cultist conversion detail

    Dark Vengeance Cultist conversion detail

  3. Dark Vengeance cultists comparison

    Dark Vengeance cultists comparison

  4. SawBones


  5. Cultist Gangers

    Cultist Gangers

  6. Cultist Juves

    Cultist Juves

  7. Cultist Leader

    Cultist Leader

  8. Cultist Heavies

    Cultist Heavies

  9. Cultist Gangers

    Cultist Gangers

  10. Cultist Gangers

    Cultist Gangers

  11. Gang


    The entire gang
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  13. P

    N18 The fabled khornate psyker, and what to make of it

    Hi, In another thread, we discussed a bit about the various cults of Khorne in Necromunda. Fluff-wise, I felt that using psykers in Khornate cults was a bit inappropriate, but rules-wise, the changes it implied was out of the scope of the previous thread. So I open this one. I am not sure it...
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    Base mini
  15. BJB Levitation Witch.jpg

    BJB Levitation Witch.jpg

    painted by Arthur from
  16. BJB Demagogue.jpg

    BJB Demagogue.jpg

    painted by Arthur from
  17. BJB Shotgun Cultist 2.jpg

    BJB Shotgun Cultist 2.jpg

    painted by Arthur from
  18. BJB Shotgun Cultist 1.jpg

    BJB Shotgun Cultist 1.jpg

    painted by Arthur from
  19. BJB Plasma Disciple.jpg

    BJB Plasma Disciple.jpg

    painted by Arthur from
  20. BJB Melta Disciple.jpg

    BJB Melta Disciple.jpg

    painted by Arthur from