1. Chaos Lord

    Chaos Lord

  2. Beastlord 01 - Copy.jpg

    Beastlord 01 - Copy.jpg

    painted 2024
  3. Scrap Heart

    Scrap Heart

    Scrap-code corrupted Ambot
  4. Take Your Daughter to Work Day - Copy.jpg

    Take Your Daughter to Work Day - Copy.jpg

    More recent resin Slambo (painted 2020) with Satyr Art Slambolina (painted 2023)
  5. Slambolina 01 - Copy.jpg

    Slambolina 01 - Copy.jpg

    Satyr Art Studio's Slambolina; painted 2023
  6. Tzeentch Champions 01 - Copy.jpg

    Tzeentch Champions 01 - Copy.jpg

    some tzeentch sorcerer types for age of sigmar, painted between 2020 and 2021
  7. Decibels of belakor

    Decibels of belakor

  8. S

    N18 Helot starting gang

    Here’s the load out for my first Helot gang. Ive tried to balance numbers with decent gear. I really like the idea of the Witch, and think I’ve found a way to mitigate their awful stats - they’ll hang back using dark...
  9. Witch Activity

    Witch Activity

    Members of the Shade Beasts supported by a Witch during a fierce firefight in the depths of the Underhive.
  10. FYSC March - Beasts Warband

    FYSC March - Beasts Warband

  11. Muntacus Maximus aka Red Bull

    Muntacus Maximus aka Red Bull

    …..or should it be “Red Grox”?
  12. Stormcast Redemptionist (Back)

    Stormcast Redemptionist (Back)

    I gave him a bolt pistol. I think I did it surprisingly well considering my lack of skill or recourses.
  13. Stormcast Redemptionist

    Stormcast Redemptionist

    Note the skull with sunburst waterslide transfer. It's from an old Sisters of Battle sheet I inherited.
  14. Juice’s Heroes gang concept

    Juice’s Heroes gang concept

  15. Reaver Tau Devilfish

    Reaver Tau Devilfish

  16. The Pickle Chase

    The Pickle Chase

  17. Pickles Reborn almost complete

    Pickles Reborn almost complete

  18. hairdo


  19. Pickles Painting in Progress

    Pickles Painting in Progress

  20. Pickles Painting in Progress

    Pickles Painting in Progress