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  3. Vampires!


    Time for some paint... They've looked like this for years.
  4. FlatMattie

    Named Escher Character

    I recently bought a whole new set of Eschers + weapon set 1 from FW to rebuild my gang as I made the noob mistake of making them as shown in the starter box, with 19 of them made I have some very cool gangers and a few lists that are either fun to play with and some that are fairly competitive...
  5. brassmonkey

    Necromunda Brass Monkey's Sculpting Shenanigans

    Hey there Yaktribe! I'm starting this thread as a place to show my finished and not-so-finished miniature sculpts. They are all characters that would be at home anywhere from the Underhive to the Spire and possibly even the wastes beyond... I'll start by posting my first Underhive denizen, one...