1. Inxentas

    Esher Chem Zone

    I'm building my own Necromunda table on a budget. While I'll probably add a few MDF kit buildings and walkways, I've decided to give simple woodworking a try in order to create terrain. I live in a relatively small apartment, so I don't have a garage or a great workplace: all I have is a saw, a...
  2. 20221005_130952.jpg


    Added some piping details.
  3. 20221005_121206.jpg


    The second platform is ready!
  4. 20221004_205906.jpg


    The first platform is ready!
  5. 20221003_212333.jpg


    Laying out the MDF tiles. Each is 25x25cm, both my tables fits a nice 3x4 grid.